Belly dance - amazing dance

Mysterious East has become home to a surprisingdance, known as belly dance or belly dance. Historians can not exactly call the country where this dance appeared. There are several versions, for example, there is an assumption that this is Egypt, Mesopotamia and perhaps, some believe that the origins of the dance to be found in India. There are objective reasons for this variation, in that while we will not go. I note only that the spread of the dance area is vast: in ancient times, belly dance and danced in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Babylon and in the Central Asian states. Nowadays, belly dancing is becoming increasingly popular not only in the East but in the West. In Russia, this dance already knew a few, and bound him solely for the institution of harems of the East. Hence, the negative evaluation of the dance. Nevertheless, even here, in Russia, there is a growing interest in this type of plastic.

Belly dance - amazing dance

For most people belly dancing - justexotic oriental dance is very beautiful and erotic. However, the "East - a delicate matter," you know. At the beginning of the 20th century, the West has been an increased interest in oriental dance, called scandalous performances of Mata Hari. Sama dancer claimed that a performer of Indian temple dances. Thanks to her, many in Europe tied belly dancing exclusively with India. This stereotype exists to this day. Belly dance itself began to attract attention after the end of the romantic and adventurous era of Mata Hari, and was named «belly dance» at an exhibition in Chicago nearly a century ago.

Belly dancing is not by chance got a juicyname. "Belly" is life. So it is the dance of life. With whom and with what associated the concept of "life" itself? Of course, a woman - a mother and with the earth. Indeed belly dancing is directly linked with the development of the cult of the Goddess of Fertility, the Mother Goddess. Different peoples of this goddess was called differently: Anahita, Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite. This cult was common in many ancient states, as agriculture is the basis of their economic life (for example, in Egypt, the Babylonian kingdom, in India). In the mythology of many ancient peoples of the East associated with the sky god-man, and the land - with the goddess-woman. As a result of their union came all living things and the other gods. The rituals in honor of the gods, not infrequently accompanied by music and dancing, which are not only praised, but also reflect the functions of these gods. Dance - the most expressive tool for the image of any activity. If we talk about belly dance, it reflects the process of conception, gestation, and finally the birth. That is why the dance contains erotic elements. With the development of the ancient civilizations of the dance changed and went beyond religious. There was a second direction in its use - a secular, that is, the dance becomes an entertainment element in the everyday culture of the eastern people.

Institute of temple prostitution was directlyassociated with belly dancing are part of certain rituals. Unfortunately, many people associate the temple prostitution with houses of tolerance. In ancient times, the concept of "love" and "fertility" were considered interrelated. It ministers temples love people resorted not only to ensure that the harvest was good and continue to race but also for the reunification of the rituals with the Mother Goddess, with the land, in case of serious problems in these areas of life. In this case, temple prostitution was a great spiritual meaning, and belly dancing played an important role in the preparation ceremony an act of love, that is, finding a lost person communication with the Earth Mother and the update forces.

Until now, some Bedouin tribesthere is a custom where women gather in a large tent and dance around the mothers, helping her so during labor and birth of a child encountering a joy to his life was happy. In Turkey, the Arab countries and the Caucasus are now often invited to belly dancers to the wedding, the newlyweds wishing well-being and happiness. And what a happy family life can be without children? In the East, large families are the most happy, and their parents enjoy special respect. Virtually any modern Oriental woman knows how to perform the basic elements of belly dance, because it helps to create harmony in the relationship with her husband, promotes health, and is a good preparation for childbirth.

Let us return to the story. Gradually supplanted paganism begins, first makes it possible for the establishment of Christianity in Rome from the 4th century. n. e., and then, thanks to the spread of Islam in the Middle East and Central Asia in the 7-9 centuries. C disappears and the cult of the goddess of love and fertility over time. However, belly dancing, as part of the cult continued to be popular, eventually losing its religious significance. However, the secular version of the dance existed in parallel with the temple, being interesting and fun spectacle, for example in the markets. Girls from poor families could earn a respectable dowry, dancing on the market square. History knows cases where a slave mistress in the house became its new owner after the successful execution of belly dance in the slave market. The biblical story of Salome shows tremendous force of the impact of this dance at the viewer.

From the performer depends, as will be seen dancing audience: the game, enticed
ix, freedom of expression, reaching toobscenity. Probably because of some street performers, ready in any way to attract the audience's attention to himself, belly dancing probrel glory indecent, dirty dancing. It is a common opinion about him now. And it even supports the fact of the execution of belly dance in harems, and half-naked dancers views. Well, the naked belly in a dance - it's a tradition, which is not strictly adhere to. Currently, some dancers perform in closed dresses and shoes, and the other on the contrary, the audience is introduced misleading, fully clothed, replacing thus the stomach striptease dance. Unlike strippers, belly dance is complex and subtle. This is primarily a game - a game of body and soul. Dancer is not just flirting with the audience, it shows itself - a woman showing her personality. Agree, it is difficult to "expose" their insides to the public, and even playfully.