Beautiful healthy teeth

Beautiful healthy teeth - is an element of the culture of modern man, a symbol of health and success.

In our time, beautiful and healthy teeth - pledgeconfidence and, therefore, normal self. This is an indicator of your status, sign of success and health. But, unfortunately, even now, when the medicine has leaped forward, and hygiene products such abundance that simply dazzled, dental problems are not uncommon. According to the World Health Association, 80% of the world population suffers from dental problems. Why is this happening?

Beautiful healthy teeth

How to brush your teeth?

We've all read about as a child and Moidodir knowyou need to wash in the morning and be sure to brush your teeth. But how well do we do it? Dentists all countries claim that the ideal time, you want to take on the cleaning of the teeth - it is 3-5 minutes, as only for the period of time cleaning paste your take on a momentum effect, the claimed in advertising. Move the toothbrush should be from the gums to the tips of the teeth, so to speak, "sweeping" plaque and germs. As to the brush, it is best to choose a synthetic medium or low bristle stiffness to less injure the gums.

Interesting! According Vse¬mirnoy organization zdravoohrane¬niya only 5% of people brush their teeth properly.

dental Tips

- Try to brush your teeth after every meal, as it is almost the only opportunity to keep your teeth zdoro¬vymi.

- Periodically change your toothpaste, as harmful bacteria, sadly it is noted accustomed to opredelenno¬mu composition and rea¬girovat stop him.

- Regularly (2 times a year) should be carried out 1.5-month course with special pastes - therapeutic or enriched with calcium and fluorine.

Beautiful healthy teeth

To chew or not to chew?

Unfortunately, that would not have claimed the ubiquitousadvertising, no gum can not replace your toothbrush. The maximum that is capable of gum, so get rid of it pieces of jammed food, freshen breath and to restore the acid-alkaline balance, if its composition present ksi¬lit or sorbitol. Never remove the plaque or to protect against tooth decay, and even more so to whiten teeth - gum is not capable.

Tip! To eliminate jammed food, many dentists recommend using a special dental floss (floss).

What is?

The health of our teeth also depends onwhat we eat. To preserve the beauty of a smile should introduce to your diet foods that contain the necessary ami¬nokisloty, minerals and vitamins (milk and milk products, salt, various ore¬hi, fish and seafood, lean meat, fresh fruits and ovo¬schi). And how difficult that may be, it is to abandon the various sweets and fizzy drinks.

Bleach or no bleach: that is the question!

Seeing ads on TV or the Internet, wheregirl with yellow teeth in an instant transformed into a white-toothed beauty, we are under hypnosis, ready to give the last to get the same smile. However, chemical whitening techniques, so much-publicized Hollywood, include the use of acid, which makes the tooth enamel more porous and friable. The pigments (contained in coffee, tea, red wine), falling exhausted on the enamel will eat in faster and stronger, while the enamel is not restored.

The safest way to bleaching recognizedhygienic cleaning of the teeth in the dentist's office. However, it will only be able to return your teeth their natural color. Regarding bleaching paste, it can bleach per tone, up to two. Most importantly, this paste does not contain harsh abrasives that can damage the enamel.

And finally, a bit of toothpaste

All currently produced toothpastesexperts are divided into 2 groups: hygienic (remove plaque and freshen the mouth) and prophylactic (universal, soda, anti-caries, whitening, anti-inflammatory).

The second group of pastes in its composition has activesubstances that are designed to resolve a specific problem. For example, anti-caries toothpaste necessarily contain fluorine or calcium. The main component of the anti-pastes is triclosan, which is able to prevent the development of periodontal disease. However, we must remember that to choose the right toothpaste medical doctor can only!