Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was born April 3, 1971 in the family of People's Artist, actress of the Astrakhan Spectators, Valentina Borisovna and TV director Yuri Andreyevich.

Nastia decided to associate themselves with the theater since the earlychildhood: "I'm not pronouncing the word" actress ", but she really wanted to be." The girl grew up behind the scenes of the theater and knew all the plays by heart. "It was very funny when I was five years old I started to prompt text to some drunken actor. And from behind the scenes could be heard: "This is a disaster! Bring a small Zavorotnyuk from the audience, print »» Nastya all - equal to "come out into the hall, he came up to the stage. And if there was some urgent input, I generally could disrupt the performance. "

In his spare time from school Nastya engagedmusic and dance, participated in the dance ensemble "Lotus", but the dream of becoming an actress she never changed, even though the parents were strongly opposed. Nastya at every New Year trying with the cards only one desire: "to become an actress."

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Difficult choice

"By the time we had finallychoose a path, something I was scared and entered the Faculty of History. " And so, after graduating from school 37, Anastasia entered the Astrakhan Pedagogical Institute at the Faculty of History. But, having studied there for a year, she realized that it takes someone else's place and decided to go to Moscow to try out in a theatrical institution. Dad supported and rode with her, well, my mother Anastasia said she was going to the archaeological site.

Nastya went to act in GITIS, but it is notWe accepted. "I went and told my father that I will not go anywhere else, and that all my efforts come to an end. But Dad, he believed in me. He said, "No, my daughter, go." And we went to the "Pike" ... ".

Nastya came and Moscow Art Theatre School, and in the "Pike" and GITIS, but ultimately chose the Moscow Art Theatre, Avangard Leontiev N. course (which was successfully completed in 1993).

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

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