About tanning

Now fashion tanned body - it is fashionable,sexy, attractive and creates a sense of harmony and smartness. The question remains safe tan. Rather, this question was settled long ago not in his favor, and sacrifices craze chocolate shades on a slender body should be aware that ultraviolet light inevitably brings the skin's aging process and increases the risk of cancer.

Sometimes the sun is contraindicated ashealth. For those who care about the extension of youthful skin and those who can not use a solarium and on the beach there is a medically dangerous alternative to UV - tanning.

Tanning became popular and widelycirculated in the market not so long ago - 10 years ago the range of goods was rather meager, and their properties left much to be desired. Today, given the right tone, the correct application and appropriate measures to conserve color tanning is difficult to distinguish from a natural tan.

Means for giving skin tone Sun are divided into 2 categories: bronzers and avtobronzanty.

Bronzers - are substances coloring the skinabove. The effect of these short-lived, because the color is washed off immediately after the first contact with the water, so if you have used the bronzer, try to protect themselves from the rain, otherwise the whole beauty of a sail, revealing white skin. Bronzers are good when you want to show off once, for example, to see the light, to the party, the more often they contain shimmering particles that enhance the effect of sunburn.

Avtobronzanty - means, the effect of which is basedchemical reaction with the skin, so the shade that they provide, and it manifests itself lasts several days, not immediately, but gradually. As a result of avtobronzanty painted not just the skin on top - colorant penetrates into the horny layer of the epithelium.