About Brush for makeup

In the purse of every woman present brushmakeup. Someone more, someone less. But one thing is clear to all that without them would be very difficult to create almost any obraz.Professionaly using a sufficiently large number of possible variants of these same brush, but the average woman and six would be enough.

About Brush for makeup

The first and one of the most necessary - brushapplying foundation. With its help, you can apply an even coat of powder or foundation. Moreover, it gives a better result compared to a sponge or fingers. Ideal disguises such difficult places like the area around the eyes, nose and skin around the lips.

Next in line - a brush for applying concealer. It is less than a basis for application, and allows you to mask the dark circles under the eyes and pimples.

Brush for blush. It differs from all others of its angularity. Its shape follows the shape of the cheekbones. You can use it to remove the shadows that appeared on the cheeks during the creation of eye makeup.

Brush or comb for eyebrows. It plays an important role in creating the eyebrow shape. Also, in order to separate lashes after mascara has dried.

Brush for shadows. It is designed to mix, blend and mix. There are different shapes and sizes.

Brush for lipstick. With its help create a sexy full lips that drive men mad. Therefore, if your lips do not have the required volume by nature, do not neglect this brush.

Division brushes Feature purely arbitrary, since, for example, a brush for blush, you can easily apply the basic tone of the shadows. So use those brushes that you like.

What to look for when buying brushes for make-up?

The stores have a huge selection of brushesmakeup. a variety of prices. However, you did not have to spend a lot of money to get a quality brush that will last you a long time.

As everyone knows, the brush consists of a handle and bristles. So, as the handle. It does not matter from which it is made, the main thing - to make you comfortable it in your hand. With regard to the length of the handle, then choose only you. If you travel frequently, it is best to give preference to the brushes, in which the handle is not very long, in order to facilitate their transportation. However, this is not the most important thing.

The most important thing - the bristles. It is of two types: of natural or artificial materials. It is believed that a brush with natural bristles better. However, it may not be appropriate for people who suffer from allergies to animals, as is used for the manufacture of the wool protein, goats, ponies, etc. Such people can be advised to use brushes with synthetic bristles.

Modern technology has leaped forward, so now synthetic bristles in no way inferior to natural and, moreover, is much cheaper.

While natural bristle is perfect for applying powdery make-up, fake good using lipstick and shadows creamy texture.

Further, the brush should be soft. This means that when you spend it in the skin, it does not have its karyabat.

Buying this necessary component of every cosmetic bags, remember that those brushes that have natural bristles, faster "oblyseyut". So make sure they have a good mount in the base.

How to care for brushes for make-up?

Care for Makeup Brushes need forseveral reasons. In the first place, so they last longer. Secondly, dirty brushes - a hotbed of bacteria, which then will be on your skin. And, as you know, the effects can be unpleasant.

* After each use, wipe the brush with a damp cloth. Best of all nursery or for personal hygiene.

* Thoroughly wash your hands need to once a week. We need: a mild shampoo, tea tree oil, warm water, towel dry and capacity. Pour into a container with warm water, add about 1 tablespoon shampoo and 3-4 drops of tea tree oil - an excellent tool against bacteria. Place the brush in water and rub the bristles. Then rinse each brush. This should be done carefully so as not to fibers shampoo left.
Then wipe with a towel and fold their hands, so that they take their shape. Allow to dry completely.

A few more tips:

1. Do not let your brush someone else. The skin is always a bacterium that you necessarily share. And there is not far to acne.

2. Do not rub too hard bristles when you wash it, otherwise it can all just "get out."

3. The shampoo that you use to wash your hands, should not contain air conditioning. It is best to take some baby shampoo.

4. Dry hands properly before you use them again.

5. Change your makeup brushes once a year.