About coffee

A variety of coffee

About coffee

Coffee as a beverage has been known for centuries. And with the passage of time, so many things have changed, not only in the process of production, but also in preparation retsepure. And while connoisseurs recognized only traditional coffee, many people like to make it taste more diverse. To do this, use all sorts of flavors, additives. However, once in the store, you can buy flavored coffee. Its taste can be more lenient than the same grade, the same frying.

But as it was not such a good coffee, a questionnaturalness it remains open. Therefore, if the classic taste of coffee you a little tired, you can vary the taste by using traditional spices used in cooking.

Spices Coffee

About coffee

The most common spice is cinnamon,which since ancient times used to flavor coffee. Cinnamon may look different, the usual form of a powder for us. However, there is a danger that the cinnamon may not be natural. Since cinnamon itself is quite expensive, under her views often sold cheaper analogue. Therefore it is better to buy in the cinnamon sticks. Since it is easy for the present it is possible to distinguish cinnamon or not. This more subtle.

Different cuisines of the world are offering us different spicesfor the preparation of a particular dish. But spices are used not only in food, but also in the preparation of coffee. Tunisian cuisine offers us add cardamom coffee. When preparing coffee in Turku, it is adjusted to the bubbles on the walls of the Bates fire and then add a couple of boxes of cardamom-split. In order to set off the scent of cardamom add one clove and cinnamon on the tip of a knife. Cardamom is recommended to take in the boxes, which he sold in the markets, rather than ground, as he had a slightly different and less pronounced odor. If you kept cardamom for a while and you feel that it has lost its flavor, before putting boxes in Turku, crush the very box with pliers so that a little compromise the integrity of the grain. Aroma back.

Also added to cinnamon coffee, it isthe most ancient and traditional spices that are used in coffee beverages. The aroma of cinnamon is warm, sweet and gentle. In combination with the cream he comes coffee atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. Cinnamon is a required element of a cappuccino. Grind to dust the cinnamon sprinkled directly on the foam, randomly or in the form of a drawing.

And can be flavored with vanilla. However, here the problem is even deeper flavoring. Vanilla easily available on the market is not natural. But the real vanilla can be found only in specialized stores. Vanilla milk is usually added in the preparation latte. The milk is heated to a pod, but not brought to a boil. The espresso is added or vanilla sugar or vanilla powder.

Nutmeg, finely-ground is added on top of the whipped cream into drinks some coffee, cloves in the cooking of coffee in Turku.