About Cellulite: Who threatens cellulite and about the causes of cellulite

About Cellulite: Who threatens cellulite and about the causes of cellulite

This threatens the cellulite?

At the present time, it seems, everyone knows thatis cellulite, and the fact that almost every woman has it, given the fact that after 16 years, 90% of women in varying degrees, concerned about problems related to the deterioration of the figures and the ensuing consequences for the psyche.

This review is an attempt to evaluate allcellulite linked. We strongly believe that every woman can sculpt your figure as it wishes. It does not matter in what physical condition you are and what you have the amount of adipose tissue. If you follow the program and recommendations, you get rid of loose fat mass or, in any case, be able to easily monitor its condition and quantity.

In the first place all the necessary to realizecauses that contribute to the development of cellulite from the initial stage of its development to the state and the most severe cases. If you have already found "problems" - then you are already on the way to fix the problem. It is important to understand that cellulite is a syndrome, a collection of symptoms that result from a combination of several factors influence, which ultimately lead to the formation of hillocks and dimples in the thighs and buttocks. So to eliminate these deviations requires a systematic approach and evaluation of the functioning of the whole organism.

Cellulite is often defined as nothing more thanas fat. In this connection it should be noted that despite the fact that cellulite is often accompanied by excess weight, it is not a major cause of illness. In fact, thin women complain about the presence of cellulite is by no means rare. Moreover, those of the fairer sex who look great in clothes, cellulite problem is even more acute due to the fact that they do not have excess body fat that can be lost when the figure correction. In short, the discrimination in this respect there is not; Cellulite affects women regardless of their dimensions and appearance. The beauty of the program to combat cellulite lies in the fact that weight loss is automatically and precisely in those cases where it is desirable and necessary. For those who have already reached their ideal body weight, the program allows you to maintain it at this level without the slightest effort. The most important thing - to eat, and then you will provide your body with all necessary nutrients, instead of torturing him to death, trying to lose weight.

Once again about the reasons

Cellulite - a disease of the body unbalanced,organism in which the lost natural harmony. In this process, several factors play a role. First and foremost, it's a lifestyle. Imagine for a moment what abuse we subject your body throughout the day. We retake, a snack on the run, no time to chew and eat, that has got under a hand, if we feel hungry, and sometimes eat when not hungry at all. We give in to their desires, when we know that we should not do it. We use alcohol and smoke - sometimes due to social reasons, sometimes in the form of stress management. Stress, the effects of which we are exposed on a daily basis, collect the tribute, week after week, year after year. Lifestyle, which we are, is often the result of necessity, but inogda- and our choices. Almost all of what we do, reaching adulthood are sitting at work, spend leisure time in the restaurants and in cocktails, lie on the beach or on the couch at home - one way or another after the time turns the emergence of certain problems.

In other words, the problem does not arise in celluliteone day. Like wrinkles or excessive carry, it develops insidiously and imperceptibly. And then one day you notice to his horror, that the thighs you have is not the one that was. However, instead of panic or depression, you should pull yourself together, patience and above all to explore the entire course of treatment methods and means, which are based on knowledge of the physiology of the human body. Painstaking work on your body and not against it - this is one of the most important parts of the program.

The imbalance in the body occurs whenincorrect lifestyle undermines the foundations of the system of functioning of the human body. And it should be noted that the harmony is disturbed in the first place in the internal environment of the body, the environment, and which consists of a liquid, washing all cells of the body. That she Ven
ulation cells and nutrients takeswaste products, playing a vital role not only in how we look and how to feel, but also what is the outline of our body. Cellulite appears where the growing imbalance in this vital environment characterized by two factors: the circulation of lymph, that is a slow and constant movement of the liquid, as well as sodium and potassium balance. The lack of effectiveness of these processes leads to stagnation, which underlie the formation of cellulite.

Our goal - to eliminate "bottlenecks" and theirconsequence of congestion, provide the necessary liquid circulation and thus smooth out bumps and dimples characteristic of cellulite. Strategy to combat the problem of cellulite includes a balanced diet, exercise, skin care, combat stress and psychomotor training. Unfortunately, miracles do not happen. As if we did not believe in the miraculous creams, pills or devices, the treatment effect will be observed only in the event that treat the problem from the inside. And this is for you - the good news! If you decide to eat right, exercise regularly, manage stress and take care of their body, it is - the best thing you can do for your body, and in any case you will be the winner. Our ultimate goal is to improve the health and vitality of the body, along with the elimination of the external manifestations of cellulite - skin irregularities in certain places. And the results will be long term, and there will be all of your expectations. You'll be incredibly surprised at the effect of which will be paid for, in general, little effort, which, moreover, has already become a good habit.

In that case, if you faithfully followrecommendations - you will be delighted with the results. Ultimately, you will achieve the desired and liquidate the loose adipose tissue deformed, and new habits and lifestyle will not give a chance to form a new one. You understand and acknowledge that it is -life without cellulite. And most importantly, you will learn how to take care of your body and your health for a lifetime.

Localization of cellulite

The thighs and buttocks are parts of the femalethe body most prone to the formation of cellulite in them. It is to these areas of the female body the skin characterized by the greatest thickness and porosity, and thus most affected by the internal disorders of various kinds. Besides the presence of an excess amount of fat it is often localized in these regions. This process is not random, it is genetically programmed hormonal system of our body. These hormonal factors provide water retention in the body, which in turn exacerbates the problem of cellulite.


If the locations are prone to cellulite,circulation sluggish and inert, and it ultimately results in stagnation. The capillary network is weakened, excessive infiltration takes place, which leads to accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces. For optimal nutrition and minimal cell accumulation of lymph fluid circulation in the capillaries, called the microcirculation, should take place at a high level of efficiency. Improving the efficiency of the process of microcirculation and is one of the main objectives of the strategy to combat cellulite.


Lack of muscle tone is also one ofthe main factors contributing its mite to the formation of cellulite substance. Basically cellulite develops in those areas of the body where muscles are flabby and undeveloped. For example, lack of muscle tone of the gluteus, the largest muscles of the body, leads to the fact that the buttocks hang down and, moreover, entail breaking the mold thigh, the upper part of which forms a characteristic bulge. After strengthening gluteal muscles, we thus, as it were tightens up the thigh muscles and remove formed irregularities of shape.


The amount of food that we eat, notIt is in itself a decisive factor in the appearance of cellulite problems. What can be said about the quality of write. Lack of the essential components of food, whether as a result of poor food choices, bad education, or neglect to feed, after a certain time to affect the imbalance at the cellular level, which, in turn, will lead to a re circuit
shares end up creating a problemcellulite. For example, lack of entering the organism potassium combined with excess sodium is the main cause of stagnation that are characteristic of cellulite. The amount of any diet entering the body far exceeds the sodium potassium, and thus, the ratio of two thin important substances in the body, which must remain constant, in danger of being violated. Therefore, our supply program provides the maximum possible intake of potassium salts and the minimum - sodium to improve the ratio of these substances and to adjust the lack of the first.


Proper functioning of a healthy bodyIt is based on the effectiveness of the main physiological functions: blood circulation, digestion, respiration and excretion. Stress may be more or less negative impact on all of the aforementioned physiological processes. In addition, stresses negatively affect the endocrine glands, especially the adrenal glands, hormones which regulate water balance in the body. In addition, stresses often cause overeating and consuming large amounts of alcohol. In other words, stress, tension, "hassle" unbalance all physiological processes in our body. And the most devastating consequences of this - lipodystrophy or cellulite, and premature aging.


With the aging of the body (a process thatbegins after twenty years) connective tissues lose their strength and elasticity. The skin also loses elasticity sing, especially if you are driving a passive lifestyle and have extra weight. There is no any particular age barrier, after which develops the problem of cellulite, but each has its age period characteristic trends that eventually make their negative contribution to the problem of cellulite. For example, the habit of eating improperly folded up to twenty years. In twenty or thirty years, we often experiment with a variety of fashionable diets, often destroying the body's own tissue. Thus, age alone is not the cause of cellulite, but the bad habits that we acquire at different ages, in the end, lead to disastrous consequences.


When tissue is often exposed to changes in thescreen, which is usually the consequence of n subsequent destructive eating diet, the skin and the underlying fibers are stretched and sag by gravity field. Such sagging skin and muscles usually accompany the presence of cellulite problem and make it more visible.