8 most complex languages

The world says nearly 3,000 languages, not counting dialects. According to some reports, 8 of them are the most difficult to learn.

8 most complex languages

1) The language of the North American Indian tribe Chippewa. It verb forms 6000 - more than in any other language.

2) Chinese. The greatest difficulty causes characters - they are in the Chinese language around 50,000. And one character can have different meanings. In addition to the Chinese several tonalities, therefore, to learn it, you need to have not only a good memory, but also an ear for music.

3) Tabasaranskiy. This language is common in Dagestan, and has 48 of cases of nouns.

4) Sanskrit. In fact, to fully learn the grammar of the language of the gods, it will require 12 years.

5) Abazin. Distributed in Karachay-Cherkessia. About the language say, not knowing him since childhood, capture it in adulthood nearly impossible. Blame - a difficult phonetics.

6) Basque. This language is difficult to learn because of its grammatical features. During the Second World War, it was even used as a cipher.

7) Russian. Foreigners difficulty is everything: declination, verb, synonyms, word-formation. Familiar to our ears dialogues can to drive them into a stupor. For example: "Walk go?" - "No, I do not know."

8) English. In this language, the letters often do not correspond to the sounds of the word can not be read as it is written.