50 daily details that can elevate mood.

50 daily details that can elevate mood.

1. Lie down to sleep in the bed with fresh sheets
2. Find fried potato Chips to the state in a portion of fried potatoes
3. covered with goose bumps from the heard music
4. Feel the sand between your toes
5. Go through the box with my toys and things
6. To lie in bed and listen to the heavy rain drumming on the roof or a window sill
7. To remove from hands like a second skin, the dried layer of PVA glue
8. To remove the plastic film from the newly purchased items
9. Put on clean socks new
10. Wear goggles immediately after wiping the glass
11. Watch a movie theater in an empty room
12. The notice how strangers standing next to laugh while listening to your conversation with your friends
13. First time to wash my hair after a haircut
14. Sit on the sofa after a long day on your feet
15. Remove the socks right before you go to bed
16. Crying with laughter
17. Soak hands in a bowl of uncooked rice
18. Turn on the cool side of the pillow
19. Waking up in the night and realize that it is too early and you can sleep on
20. For the first time to wear shorts after winter
21. Turn on the radio, and then plays your favorite song
22. Separation of cookies with filling and eating this very filling.
23. The first hot bath after maintenance work during the month.
24. Wake up the smell of coffee in the morning.
25. Inject the first cold air so that it begins to pinch the nose.
26. A first look at the sea in the new year.
27. Touch barber.
28. The smell before the storm.
29. The smell of cut grass.
30. The smell of cold air from the vents.
31. Feeling the hair between the fingers holding the hair of the girl.
32. Cracking night fire.
33. Fly to the car for a long and deep puddle causing splashing fountain.
34. Conduct a cat in the stomach when he stretches.
35. For the first time over the summer to dive into the sea
36. Inhale the smell of pine trees in the hot sun
37. Running on hot sand
38. A look at the first snow that falls on the background of blue sky
39. The first kiss after a long separation
40. Cover with the cat purred on his chest
41. Run barefoot through the puddles
42. To hear the distant rumble of thunder first
43. Take the road between the vast fields and try to see the horizon
44. A look at the stork, soaring in the sky
45. Catch the first fish faster than the rest
46. ​​Wake up to 1 June and to understand what lies ahead for three months vacation
47. Inhale the fragrance of the first lily of the valley
48. See my mother after a long separation
49. wallow in the snow on the back and make a "butterfly"
50. Crying after a good movie

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