25 tips by which you ocharuesh each

25 tips by which you ocharuesh each

1. Forget about drawbacks. It is better to think more often about their merits.
2. Less sit at home. Around a lot of interesting things!
3. Know how to listen. Respect other people's opinions.
4.Naydi "their" perfume and remain faithful to him, because the smells associated with humans :)
5. Take care of the eyebrows. Eyes - mirror of the soul, but do not forget about the frame!
6.Bud versatile, not to focus on one.
7. Be enthusiastic.
8. Inventories candy. All ads assert that fresh breath facilitates understanding.
9. Follow the steps. Let gait is feminine, flying.
10. More chitay.S interesting person wants to communicate.
11. Kushay.Slovo "diet" annoying.
12.Nauchis to cook at least one dish and raduy their loved ones.
13. Do not raise your voice.
14. Give podarki.Malenkie and even homemade.
15.Volosy to which I want to touch, to look like a romantic young ladies
16.Odevaysya sexy, but not vulgar.
17. Do not umnichay.Razdrazhaet, when the girl, wanting to demonstrate their intelligence, sprinkles quotes through ice.
18. Do not twitch. Do not chase the crumbs on the table is not imaginary cloth, do not pick the spine of the book. Such gestures are terrible. Instead of nervously squeeze hair strand sduy bangs from his face. Many find it sexy.
19.Do not forget the manicure. Manicured hand to any guy want to hold in your hand.
20. smile more often. Let everyone know that you're happy :)
21. not to skimp on accessories. Wear mark of distinction. Even the smallest.
22. Less talk about themselves. Let surrounding themselves ask.
23.Kogda talk with someone who is interesting look in his eyes. This is what is called the ability to ogle, not cutesy rolling up their sockets.
24.Ne be afraid to laugh at yourself. This shows your sense of humor.
25. Remember the birthdays of all. This is a very important thing.

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