21 reason why it is good to be a woman

21 reason why it is good to be a woman

1). We know how to paint nails, talking on the phone and drive a car at the same time.
2). In order not to happen, you can always take comfort shopping. A change of hairstyle or hair color, you can even change a life.
3). We have not only remote, but the one who controls it.
4). Our beautiful building shops, smell better and are called perfume.
5). We are always right.
6). Tears are considered to be a strong argument in any quarrel.
7). We can position their drawbacks as the interesting features.
8). We do not suffer unless the hotel has no TV.
9). We can read women's magazines, and no one did not hide.
10). We can better, longer and more frequently.
eleven). We can easily get a free cocktail - and the first and second ...
12). We know that fifteen pairs of shoes - this is not a luxury but a necessary minimum.
13). And clothing, and without it we are irresistible.
14). When we want sex, we always get it.
15). We cope with the bra clasp for half a second.
16). No one can prove that we have simulated orgasm.
17). We can be the beauty that for a fool.
18). All the fashion and beauty industry working for us.
19). To achieve the desired, just unbutton the top button on her blouse.
20). We do not write a will, picked up a cold.
21). Fortunately, our best friends - diamonds, rather than middle managers with a beer belly.

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