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20 ways to influence people

1. Engage
Everyone is looking for personal gain. Therefore, explaining your position, do not forget to tell the listener what is the point in which he may find himself.

2. Look for a compromise
Man can not simply zazombirovat. If you want to influence someone, you should be able to negotiate and compromise.

3. Communicate
Communication - that's the main key to the effect. The more you communicate, the more people will support your point of view.

4. Be inspiration
In order to convince of something other, you ought to radiate enthusiasm.

5. Hypnotize
Hypnotize interlocutor. Of course, not literally. Do this with your charm. Remember that people are usually more willing to agree with those who love and respect.

6. Pay
Money - it is a great motivator, is not it? Perhaps this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get what you want. The only negative - this method can cost you dearly.

7. Be consistent
If your opinion is changing as fast as the wind direction, you can hardly you can someone convince him. Be true to your point of view.

8. Be an expert
Do not be unfounded. Confirm your opinion with facts. To do this, you need some knowledge. People are more willing to listen to someone who understands what he is saying.

9. Listen
Learn to listen and hear. It is an important component of effective communication, which is very important in the ability to influence others.

10. Be sure
If you come from a sense of confidence in yourself and your words, people certainly will listen to you. If you want to convince someone to go your way, believe me to begin with ourselves in the fact that he is faithful.

11. Respect others
The more you do to respect the opinion of others, the more likely you are to be heard.

12. Create a reputation
If you zarekomenduete themselves smart, reliable and thorough person, people will have more confidence in you and will listen to your opinion.

13. Be patient
Trying to convince others of their point of view can be time consuming, so you have to be very patient.

14. Admit your mistakes
If you're wrong, admit it. People will perceive you as a just and honest man.

15. Know what you want
Why do you need to influence the other person? What is your goal? In order to convince someone, you ought to understand clearly what you need. Otherwise, your speech is unclear and blurred.

16. Practice
Do not miss the chance to apply your technique beliefs into practice. Practice helps hone any skill to perfection.

17. Explore
Examine the facts to support your point of view, if you want to impress her by another.

18. Be positive
Be cheerful and inspire other hope for the best. People are always happy to listen to those who are positive and optimistic.

19. Enlist the advice
People listen to each other's opinion. Ask someone to put in a good word for you and you will see that the level of trust in you will grow.

20. Ask
Sometimes in order to get someone to do something for you, just enough to ask about it. Be polite, do not be lazy to say "please" and "thank you" and people will go to meet you.