What is useful honey?

Doctors believe a mature honey basis for hundreds of speciesdrugs. Even the Roman physician Galen, who lived in the II century, believed that for healing and salvation of the disease there is nothing more useful than honey. But in the manuscripts of the ancient East there is evidence that honey cures many food toxins.

The healing properties of honey are obvious, theypredetermined by its chemical composition: vitamins B and K, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, copper, manganese and zinc. A ratio of macro, micro and ultraelementov in svezhevykachannom honey meets human blood serum. Therefore, honey so easily absorbed by our body.

What is useful honey?

The famous balm mother of D'Artagnan,said Dumas in his novel "The Three Musketeers", consisted of beeswax, honey and plantain leaves. They were treated with long scars. Besides bactericidal action, honey perfectly affects the cardiovascular, nervous system, improves blood, because disinfects the liver and kidneys.

Scientists studying the beneficial properties of honey,They argue that it retains all the therapeutic properties of those plants with which he compiled a bee, and every kind of special honey - has only its therapeutic action. They advise respiratory diseases use of mountain honey oregano and lavender. Spring honey is collected from fruit trees, field plants and flowers chestnut, great treats kidney. But the forest and steppe, with limes and mint, is useful in diseases of the heart and nervousness. Steppe honey with mint and oregano is recommended for diseases of the digestive system.

Naturopaths explain why honey does not needlong process of digestion in humans. It turns out that for us already done so industrious bees. Any person to enhance overall health will not prevent 4-6 teaspoons of honey a day. Honey will help to quickly restore power, calm shattered nervous system and strengthen the heart muscle. Therefore, it is desirable to have it before great physical exertion and after them, because it has a high caloric - 315 calories per 100 g Thus, athletes useful to use honey "dope" for 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

But for the prevention of disease is better to useCell honey. Honey "wild" bees - a health hazard, and one that is sold in stores before packaging is heated to a temperature of 40 ° C. Unfortunately, at a temperature of 41-42 ° C the miraculous power of honey disappears.

Right honey

To buy honey on the market, you need to know some of the "tricks".

This mature honey crystallizes quickly (candy). Liquid honey winter - warmed honey.

If warm water is completely dissolved honey - it is quality. The appearance of the sediment indicates impurities.

Sometimes candied honey added starch. In this case, you can check the authenticity of one drop of iodine - starch give himself blue.

If added to the chalk, then from a small amount of vinegar - honey "boils".

If in our time can find inkpencil, then with him you can confidently go to the market to test. Honey is considered to be of high quality and not pure sugar syrup if the ink pencil leaves no trace on the product.

And Rowan, and - crimson

The most dominating honey believe rowan, it is saturated with all the qualities of berries. It has a beautiful red color and odor. Rowan blossoms in May - May honey pumping.

Dark brown honey from buckwheat is rich in iron, proteins and organic acids. It is useful in case of anemia.

Fragrant, clear, light yellow or green lime Medcom should be reserved for the treatment of colds and viral diseases. It has a diaphoretic and firming action.

Acacia Honey is good for men. Increases potency, helps in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Raspberry honey is beautiful in a different color, with a delicate aroma of raspberries. It would be good to buy in February and March, when there is a peak of colds.

Flower honey (maple, alfalfa, cornflower) has a nice flower smell. Such honey gives vitality, soothes the nervous system. It will help if he and chronic diseases, and after surgery.

About heather honey is legendary, in which many of the mystical and mysterious. This is a rare variety of honey and healing.

Doctors-naturopaths use honey giveimportant because it normalizes the body potassium calcium metabolism. But if you are allergic to honey, it can not be used any bee products - dangerous.