Save on food with health benefits

That food is the main ora significant item of expenditure of many and many families. It is here that the basic family budget reserve. It is very often food is not only unnecessarily wasteful, but detrimental to many products. You can eat good food and useful not to lose extra money.

Save on food with health benefits

1. Give up, finally, from everyday harmful habits have sausage. You know that this product is very questionable quality and just-ended harmful - and cooked and smoked. And expensive. Meat will be enough if prepared, such as soup with a small piece of lean beef.

2. Eat different cereals. Today is a big choice of cereals and fast food is very good quality blends. Alternate types of cereals and methods for their preparation. Kashi will help to give up a piece of sausage in the morning. Soon your spoiled sausages taste will come back to normal, and you will see that cereal - it tastes better.

3. Sometimes eat eggs in the morning. Perfect boiled eggs taste! Try an omelet with tomatoes, but not a sausage. This high-quality cheap protein and vitamins. Food cholesterol in moderate volume - this is quite not that cholesterol in the blood.

4. The cheapest source of protein - whey. Excellent restore you after exercise. On serum (e.g., instead of milk) may cook various dishes.

5. When fresh vegetables rise in price, go for frozen.

6. Drink a multivitamin. Even if you can not afford fruit, vitamins in them is still insufficient.

7. Eat fish, it contains an extremely useful substance Omega-3 - especially sea. Lowers cholesterol, helps lose weight. If the fish is expensive, there are salted herring. After cutting it can be soaked to remove excess salt. It goes well with any cooked vegetables.

8. Buy normal food and do not overpay for "prestigious" brand.

9. purchase products wholesale and in one place - for a week, a month. Save on the price, and gasoline, and on time.

10. Do not go to the store hungry: an empty stomach - a bad adviser. Make a pre-thought-out shopping list.

11. Take go to work, do not spend money on a cafe. Avoid fast food, pity myself and a purse.

12. Completely eliminate the sugary sodas: not arrange a terrible chemical reactor for their own money.

13. Experiment in the preparation of the simplest products, remember the forgotten recipes.

14. Avoid high-calorie food, it is not helpful and the road. Skim milk is better, and sour cream - with a fat content not exceeding 15%. Reduce consumption butter. In salads, use no mayonnaise, and vegetable oil. Price of oil is often determined by the position of the supplier on the market, some features of marketing, but few actually depends on the quality of. Cheaper rapeseed oil - not less valuable commodity than oil sunflower.

15. And finally - just eat less! Overeating - a bad habit. Work on yourself, do not be slave to the stomach. Drink plenty of pure water, this will help. At the same time and lose weight, which is very useful.