Tips for cooking housewives

Tips for cooking housewives

1. remain frozen vegetables vitamin C, if quickly to unfreeze them in boiling water.

2. Pinch sugar added during cooking the vegetables, significantly improves their taste.

3. Vegetables should cut only stainless steel knife. And the larger the cut, the better - in large pieces securely stores vitamin C and mineral salts.

4. Vegetables are stored for much longer, if before laying them in the refrigerator thoroughly wash and dry.

5. Cooked broth, better postpone it for later filling: pure broth is maintained better than soup or soup.

6. To beans, lentils and peas are cooked quickly, it is recommended, exhausting them and rinse, soak for 5-6 hours in cold water.

7. eggplant before cooking, cut into slices and soak 5 minutes in cold salted water.

8. Tomato paste is not moldy, if it is sprinkled with salt and pour a thin layer of vegetable oil.

9. From lemon, swim 5 minutes in hot water can be obtained much more juice than untreated lemon.

10. Before salting cucumbers scald with boiling water, and for a long time, the color will remain emerald green.

11. If you add the mustard pickle, cucumber, not only will taste better, they still remain much longer.