Eating before and after exercise.

Eating before and after exercise

Today, you go to the gym! Someone is looking forward to this event and am preparing for it, carefully collecting the form, putting on another day gatherings with friends in a cafe cook dinner households, and by the end of the day quickly turns off the computer and runs to the nearest sports club. The other sees it as a necessity to maintain the image of the active person or as a fashionable habit learned from his childhood spent at the training camp. But for all those who plunged head and all other parts of the body in the world of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it is primarily the result of what they see in the mirror after hours pereshagivaniya step through or swim in the pool. Unfortunately, not always the desired effect of training is noticeable. After all, many people forget that the active pace of life requires special treatment and composition of food.

Eating before a workout

So, the diet before exercise is necessary:

1. Include:

- Proteins;
- Carbohydrates.

2. Exclude:

- Fat (or no more than 3 g).

Carbohydrates in the diet before training necessary forIn order to provide energy muscle and brain. During training 'fuel' is burned very quickly, and you need it to be glycogen, as the fat of the body may not deliver the desired amount of energy (due to lack of oxygen).

Proteins in the diet before the workout will not be a source of energy, they are a source of amino acids to working muscles. As a result, immediately after exercise muscle protein synthesis increases dramatically.

Fat in the diet before training should be absent,because it slows down the rate of digestion and stomach. Fatty food is in the stomach longer and can cause cramps, nausea and belching during a workout.

Eating before and after exercise

The best pre-workout meals:
- Poultry (turkey, chicken breast) with a coarse bread or rice;
- Low-fat steak and potatoes;
- Scrambled eggs with oatmeal proteins.

Caloric intake prior to exercise should beordinary, as in other times. Bulk food (a large portion of salad or bowl of soup) better to eat for one or two hours before training, so she had time to digest and the stomach emptied. More dense foods (poltarelki cereal or cottage cheese), you can eat in 30 minutes, one hour before the workout.

If you are training to build musclemass, 30 minutes before your workout, eat one fruit of large size with a low glycemic index (apples, pears, strawberries or any other berries) and wash down his protein drink (the best of the whey protein). Calculation of protein in the following cocktail: 0.22 g whey protein per kilogram of body weight. For example, if you weigh 68 kg, in cocktail (kneaded water) should be 15 g protein.

Also in 30 minutes before your workout, drink a glassstrong black coffee (can be a sweetener, but not cream) or very strong green tea. This will help the secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine, which mobilize fat from fat cells that the body can use it as a fuel. Thus, during exercise you burn more fat and less glucose, glycogen, and amino acids. Fatigue during exercise occur much later. The head will think better, and you will be able to train more intensively. The effect of coffee before a workout lasts about 2 hours. Immediately before training it is better not to eat anything, because physical activity detracts from the digestion process (rhythmic contractions of the stomach to digest food). In an extreme case, if you are very hungry, you can drink a glass of protein shake or milk.

drinking regime during training

Eating before and after exercise