Rules Winter hand care

In the winter from the cold and wind your skin peels,red, dry, and as a result of aging. And the French, by the way, say that the skilled man enough to look at the woman's hand to get to know her age, habits and marital status. Learn how to protect your skin from the harsh weather conditions!

Rules Winter hand care

85% of women notice that their skin is dry in winterand shelled. This happens because the cold narrows blood vessels, which is why getting worse nutrition of the skin, cuticles and nails. Furthermore, disruption of water and lipid balance leads to a reduction of protective functions. As a result, the hands become rough, dry and look quite attractive. By following simple rules, you can avoid such nuisance and prolong youth and beauty of your hands.

1. Clear the

In winter Manicurist urgedrecommend to pay attention to the cleaners. If you are used to a hard soap, now is the time to replace it with a liquid - it works much smoother, also moisturizes the skin. Wash your hands with warm water only - hot dry skin and cold - makes it rough. By the way, hand washing is better to finish with cool water - it tones the skin and constricts blood vessels, making the veins in the hands of less visible.

2. Caring

If you properly care for your hands, noWinter problems - pimples, dryness, peeling, burrs, peeling nails - you are not afraid. Therefore, before going out, use a nourishing cream, it will act as the invisible glove to protect you from the weather. If the weather-beaten hands, apply a thick layer of fat cream and wear cotton gloves overnight. On the morning of his hands will be as good as new. If your skin is prone to irritation, it is better to stay on the hand cream with chamomile extract, it disinfects and removes redness. For already chapped skin suit glycerin and lecithin creams as well as creams and lotions with extracts of silk protein. This extract came in cosmetology from the East - from the Chinese women working with silk threads and cocoons, your skin was always soft and gentle word, & laquo; silk & raquo ;.

3. Save

Do not forget about a deeper cleansing. Careless obmahivanie scrub remnants of face or body does not count. By peeling the hands should be approached with great responsibility. In the end, thanks to him, it is possible to get rid of age spots on the hands, which are able to give the age of even the most well-groomed woman. If the hand is no special means to peel, you can prepare it yourself. You need salt. If possible, it is best to take a shallow sea, as it contains almost all trace elements necessary to strengthen nails. Add it in the dry crust of any citrus fruit, ground coffee and a few drops of essential oil. It is best lemon oil or ylang-ylang - they strengthen the nails and can whiten yellowness, if you frequently use bright paints. This scrub is perfect for the elbows, which also requires special care.

4. prolongs youth

Mechanisms of aging hands are similar to those& Laquo; age the & raquo; our face. Therefore, if you for some reason have not approached cream, do not rush to throw it away or give away her friends. Your hands will gladly accept this gift!

5. Make bath

Your ally in the winter mustbecome a bath for the hands. If you are going to do a manicure, the bath can be prepared on the basis of the same sea salt. Dissolve it in water at the rate of 1 tablespoon per cup of water and dip pens in improvised sea for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the skin will absorb all the trace elements, and softens the cuticle and be prepared to manicure.

If redness of hands from the cold to get helpcontrasting hot and cold baths. Hold arms in each bath for 2-3 minutes (three times each). Check procedure should be in cold water.

Very useful in winter oil bath. To get rid of dry, dip your hands for 10-15 minutes in warm olive, almond or peach butter (you can add a couple drops of lemon juice). Then dab hand with a napkin and put on cotton gloves overnight. On the morning of your pen will shine with health and beauty!