Tea secrets

You want to enjoy a natural and effectivecosmetics to the skin was always clean, free of redness, irritation and acne, greasy and age spots? All at your fingertips: the different varieties of tea to successfully solve skin problems. We'll tell you how to cook and how to apply beauty tea.

Tea secrets

To begin to tell about all the beneficial propertiestea. The tea in green and black, to the skin contains the necessary vitamins: provitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, K, niacin. Their number depends on the type of tea: black, green, red or yellow. The black and green teas contain a large amount of tannins, essential oils, alkaloids, amino acids and other beneficial elements. But the calories in this drink is not, so you can drink tea without restrictions, of course, if you drink tea without sugar.

Drinking 3-4 cups of green tea you consumedaily requirement of vitamin P. Green tea has antioxidant properties, removes toxins from the body and prevents aging. However, not everyone knows that tea can not only drink, but also successfully used in the home cosmetics.