SPA Asian philosophy

SPA - a whole philosophy, based on concern for the health of body and soul.

Despite the fact that the first modern SPA-centerappeared in Europe, the concept was born in Asia, where it is believed that the human body - a single entity, and diseases occur due to a lack of harmony between mind, body and mind. To restore the Asians use different recovery system is fundamentally different from Western medicine. For this reason, one of the key components of the SPA-Asian approach - is the attention to all the five senses during procedures.


SPA Asian philosophy

The cornerstone of Eastern holistic systems -aromatherapy. Aromatic substances not only relax the tone or vice versa, but also treat mental and physical ailments. Every self-respecting Asian SPA center has a procedure with aromatic oils, sticks or candles.

Solutions for home

* Aroma essential oils - aromatherapy basic attributes. In Asia, the most popular essential oils of lemongrass, sandalwood, rosemary, ylang-ylang.

* Scented candles for a long time and become part of oura life. The choice is wide enough candles fragrances. Just turn off the lights in the bathroom and light scented candles, bath banal procedure acquires a different meaning. And if you add in a bath of petals ...

* If you are too lazy to cook spicy azitaskie mixture for face and body care, you can pick up anything from aromakosmetiki.

Interesting! The base oil to create compositions of aromatic coconut oil is deemed in Asia, especially in India, the best way for healthy skin and hair.


SPA Asian philosophy