Secrets SPA-pedicure

Once a month, you come to the salon, where you get a full SPA-foot care. A home supportive effect!

Secrets SPA-pedicure

Beauty ritual, called SPA, basedon "three pillars": comfort, relaxation and major maintenance. Cozy, relaxing atmosphere of SPA-salon and at home you can create: fill with water massage tub or a basin, add the water to the composition of legs or a few drops of aroma oils diluted in a spoonful of honey. Prepare a foot scrub, emollient cream, all for a pedicure and waxing, turn on your favorite music and Getting Started!

In addition to exfoliating particles, scrubs for feetIt contains many other components. For example, oils of various plants: relaxing, antibacterial, regenerating, soothing, calming, and so on. Scrubs are not only remove dead skin particles from the surface of the skin, but also take care of it!

It would be wrong to think that the cream only requiresleather feet. Suitable means must be applied to the upper part of the foot. Lots of dry and thin skin on the heel and on the outside of the fingers are very tender and prone to injury, as well as the formation of "wet" very painful and sometimes bleeding blisters. Applied to the skin emollients and moisturizers.

The skin should be smooth, not only on his heels! So, you need to think about waxing. By the way, your hair can grow not only on the legs, but also to the rise of the foot and even toes. Remember: to hair removal can not use soap and shower gel. But to soften and purify the skin and can even have a scrub and bath!

But among the tub will not achieve the desiredskin softness. Alas, most of us do not need tools, specifically designed for rough skin. In conjunction with these scrubs agents give excellent results. After their brief regular use the skin becomes softer feet, calluses and corns - less pronounced.