Secrets of harmony

1. Drink water.

Those who drank 0.5 liters of water for half an hour before meals to burn 30 calories, nothing else to do without, 2 liters of water per day burn 120 kcal, respectively

2. Eat potatoes

The tubers contain starch, which suppresses hunger and helps burn fat

3. Espresso to walk

If you drink to aerobic exercise, caffeineIt helps burn more fat on a treadmill. However, you can have a coffee (of course, without sugar and cream), and then take a walk in the park a couple of hours. The effect will be the same.

4. Greypfput times a day

Two slices of grapefruit after eating will help get rid of excess weight. But there should be no sugar

5. Reduces calorie

Minimize animal fats in your diet. Fire away in vegetable oil, eat low-calorie cheese and chicken without the skin.

6. Jump rope

jump every day for half an hour and sozhgёsh 350 kcal

7. Green tea

Dinner was meat? Have some hot green chaya.On help the body cope with the load

8. Hold at the point

Hard to believe, but it's true: when want to eat very much, it is necessary to compress 3 times the big and middle finger, and hunger will be held

9. Wine

A glass of red wine (no more than 85-100 ml) duringabundant feast improves digestion. It is important not to get involved in drink, or in addition to the discomfort the next day you dial up the hated overweight

10. Watercress

Accelerates the exchange veschestv.Esh it every day for a handful

11. Turbo-drink

Cocktails, prepared on the basis of egg white, fine burns zhir.Vzbey protein with a handful of berries and drink for dinner

12. Spin-pedal

Now the heat - it's time to ride a bike. Ches cycling at a fast pace - minus 600 kcal

13. spoil yourself

Prepare raspberry scherbet.Vzbey in a blender 250g raspberries 2 stol.lozhki lemon juice and 250 g of dietary yogurt. Put in the fridge for half an hour, and then eat for health. The water ice is only 25 kcal.