Holidays by the sea for the benefit of beauty

In recent years, many of us feel dullthe usual bathing in the sea waves. In the fashion climbing, traveling at "bear corners" of the world, or a safari in Africa. But it turns out, it was the sea helps us become more beautiful!

Scientists say that the composition of human plasmablood and seawater are very similar. Perhaps that is why we are so cozy and relaxed feel in the sea water. But other than that, the sea air, water, sand, and even possess magical properties, able to transform the human body.

1. Salts for the skin benefits

Seawater contains many minerals,that nourish and strengthen the skin, hair and nails. If you do not have allergies and sea salt does not cause irritation, experts advise not to wash off salt water for several hours, because it is - a great nourishing mask. Seawater contains about 26 mineral trace elements, which is very valuable: sodium, magnesium, potassium, iodine enter the body and strengthen it from within.

Potassium has anti-allergic properties, strengthens the connective tissue calcium, magnesium, reduces swelling, soothes bromine, iodine rejuvenates skin cells.

With these substances the skin becomes more dense and smooth, stronger nails and hair.

It is believed that sea water is very dryskin. Cosmetologists also believe that it is not so simple droplets of water on the human body are transformed into the lens, enhancing the harmful effects of sunlight.

Therefore, after bathing, be sure to wet body with a towel and take a shower after 2-3 hours after sea bathing.

2. Swimming improves blood circulation

Cosmetologists believe that half an hour of swimming in the seaequivalent to a massage, because the waves - perfect trainer for blood vessels: they narrows and blood rushes to the internal organs. And the waves - a natural hydro-massage to help the muscles gain tone, tighten loose skin and improve circulation.

In addition, sea water and sea airsupply the subcutaneous tissues of the body and light negative ions that penetrate into the bloodstream, improving its circulation. Surely you've noticed that after sea bathing the skin becomes taut and toned.

Holidays by the sea for the benefit of beauty

3. Acne on the sun

Many of the girls, which spoils the life of acne,marked improvement in skin condition after a holiday by the sea. Experts attribute this to the fact that the sun's rays have a strong antibacterial effect, reduces the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands and destroy pathogens. Coupled with the sea water and the air, saturated with light ions, sun skin heals.

However, this effect persists for long, andget rid of acne in this way is impossible. But anyone who is familiar with the issue knows firsthand that even the temporary disappearance of acne - a big win! Clean face in the summer - it's self-confidence, a good mood and a charge of optimism - now you know exactly what a victory over acne can!

4. Naughty coarse hair - pay for food and strengthening

There is a common misconception aboutenormous harm seawater hair: that it dries and frankly spoils hair. To some extent this is true: rich in mineral salts, sea water is very helpful for the scalp, nourishes and strengthens hair roots, but the curls do not look at this in the best way. What to do?

Experts advise after each trip to the seastrands rinse with fresh water and apply a special spray to protect the hair. Better yet, just remember that your hair is getting seawater great benefit and that now they are tough and unruly - a temporary phenomenon.

The richest of the world's top model Gisele Byudhencause its slimness call walk on the beach. Her favorite holiday - mobile games with pets - dogs in water: Gisele says that this is how she relaxes, relieves stress, resulting in the order of the nervous system after a hard schedule of shooting and impressions. The renowned model boasts not only its forms, but also the wonderful thick hair: she is not afraid to expose them to the sun and sea breeze.

5. Sand will help to lose weight

Bedouins say the sand his best healer: it takes the negative energy, great massages the foot and heats joints. And the sand helps to lose weight! Have you ever heard of psammotherapy? So scientists called sand baths.

"Bury" themselves in the warm sand (except the heart!), Covering his head with a wet towel - it activates the metabolism and increases sweating, which leads to the loss of excess weight.

6. The sea air - the best medicine

During the storm, the sea air saturated withtiny droplets of sea water, salty and sweet smells of seaweed. "Seafood Cocktail" - a great inhalation not only for the respiratory system, but also for the skin: it nourishes its useful minerals, moisturizes and improves elasticity.

7. A favorite heels - adequate care

Of course, sea water lapped will impact on the feet. Benefits of this area of ​​the skin is a huge, but often during the holidays by the sea the feet start to peel off.

Most likely this is due to the fact that theresort we wear open shoes, walk barefoot - is not only a foot massage, but alas, dry skin. Try often to lubricate it a nourishing cream with vitamins A and D.

8. Nail the envy of all

Sea minerals perfectly normalize exchangematter - surely you've noticed an improvement nail condition after sea bathing: nail plate cease flake, look strong, get a healthy natural shine. During leisure, arrange your vacation and marigolds - do not apply the lacquer on them, even if they enjoy the healing powers of the sea.

9. Cellulite will not stand

Swimming and bathing in seawater reducescellulite formation: mineral complexes activate the metabolism, improve blood circulation and stimulates the cell renewal process - it leads to the release of the body of toxins, even cleaned the skin pores.

10. The sound of the waves - the best background for meditation

Located on the beach, be sure totry to stop the flow of everyday thoughts. The noise of the waves, the cry of gulls, a breathtaking view of the vast sea, gently rolling in the horizon - the perfect backdrop for meditation.

Try to completely dissolve in thevast spaces, feel every cell in your body a unique mood of the sea - a graceful majesty, calmness and complete rest ... Feel free haste, talking, transport, the endless household chores ... Here you are completely in

about the power of relaxation. It is worth to go to the sea, right?