Proper nutrition

Tricks for every day

Tricks for every day

Tricks for each day:

-Required Eats all the seeds from the apples. In the grains of one apple contains daily intake of iodine. It inhibits the urge to eat.

-Chuvstvo Hunger dulls this self-massage: a few minutes click on the pad of the middle finger on the point between the upper lip and nose.

-Polstakana Broth fresh parsley will make you forget about eating for two hours. Similarly, the action has a rinsing mouth mint water: a beam of mint in the glass of water.

-Excellent Cheat appetite infusion of fruits of figs and plums. Half a kilo pour 3 liters of water and cook until the liquid is evaporated to 2.5 liters. Drink half a glass before a meal with fruit.

-If Before a meal drink a glass of tomato juice or mineral water portions needed to stave off hunger, reduced by one third.

-Not Less than an hour helps to forget about eating this exercise: stand in front of an open window, his feet - shoulder-width apart, hands - the sky above your head, and make 10 very deep breaths.