Proper nutrition

The most useful breakfast

Experts from China conducted a studyinvolving more than 1000 people and was named the most useful breakfast. Doctors told that you need to eat in the morning to stay awake during the day and maintain health.

So, the scientists say that the breakfast should be easy. should not overeat in the morning, as this may lead to obesity. Also, hearty breakfasts increase the pressure.

The most useful breakfast

After analyzing the research of scientists from different countries, experts from China called the 10 most useful breakfast:

- Scrambled eggs or an omelet
- Oatmeal with fruit or dried fruit
- Cereal, juice or milk seasoned
- Buckwheat porridge with milk
- fruit salad

- Vegetable salad with herbs
- Cottage cheese with fruit
- whole wheat bread
- yogurt
- Low-calorie cheese

And Danish scientists are advised to eat for breakfast soup. Liquid food is digested more quickly and does not cause the appearance of gravity feeling in the stomach.