Proper nutrition

The benefits of grapes

Sweet, saturated with sun berries help satisfy hunger quickly regain strength and give the skin a well-groomed appearance.

Grapes have useful to those involvedfitness. But they need to be supported by a certain scheme. During an intense workout, take a break. Eat more berries, sit still for 5 minutes, and then resume training. Arrange these "snacks" for two weeks, and you will no longer bother fatigue, weakness and lethargy after workouts.

The benefits of grapes

In the evening you plan to go on a date? To look as if you've just had a rest, please use the recipe Italians. The day before, prepare Goodbye "piece of ice beauty": cut the grapes in half, one half put into the ice tray or cup, zaley mineral water and add the juice to the other half of the grape. Put in the freezer. Two hours before the bye wipe face grape icicles.

Those who eat grapes, and chew bone,It comes true, as it contained the strongest antioxidants, substances with anti-inflammatory properties. But those who do not like the stone, be sure to collect them. When typed approximately 100 g seed, prepare one peeling face: it is necessary to put the dry bones in a coffee grinder and grind.

Grapeseed preparing valuableproduct - grape seed oil, which is used as a therapeutic and cosmetic. So, doctors recommend grape seed oil for those who have kidney problems, and beauticians are advised to apply it on the body, if you have very dry skin.

Do you thin, sensitive skin, and herfirst wrinkles? I would like to refresh the skin and make it smoother? This will require a bit of ripe grapes and cheese or low-fat sour cream. Mash the berries in a wooden spoon mashed or spatula to contact with metal utensils not destroy the valuable vitamin. Add cottage cheese or sour cream, carefully Stir and apply to clean face with a thick layer. Lie down for 15 minutes, close your eyes, relax the facial muscles, it will strengthen the effect of the mask. Do these anti-aging a couple of times a week procedure.

Dark grapes are rich in the antioxidant resveratrol, which is ten times more powerful than vitamin E.