Proper nutrition

Products that invigorate the morning.

Products that invigorate the morning.

1. Chocolate because it contains quite a lot of sugar and is the impetus for the production of endorphins - this is quite enough to get a boost of energy for a couple of hours, if not longer.

2. Cold water. You'll feel much better physically, if you drink it in the morning just getting out of bed at least a glass of water.

3. Berries. Any berry - it is good and useful. Better yet, if it is raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. These berries are full of natural stimulants!

4. Orange juice. Citrus - a godsend for sleeping forever! juice itself is full of vitamin C, which fills the body with energy, and the smell of orange, lime and lemon stimulates brain activity.

5. Meat. Proteins are found in meat, processed slowly, respectively, the energy is released slowly, but it is enough and for a longer time. Of course, instead of coffee can not eat a piece of meat, and immediately wake up, but the power supply will be replenished. The same applies to fish. If the front of a hard day is best to eat a piece of chicken or fish than pasta or bread.

6. Nuts. They are also very nutritious and help you recharge your batteries. Just get involved in them, too, not worth it, especially at night, because the remnants of unprocessed energy deposited, alas, not in the brain and in other parts of the body.

7. Green tea. If you drink a cup of tea, you are cheerful for much longer than after a cup of coffee. Only if after the coffee you almost immediately feel hearty, the tea effect does not occur so quickly.

8. Apples. Apples contain boron, which enhances the body's vigilance. That is the attention to detail plus the increases in apples are many other nutrients, so chew on health (for teeth is also useful).

9. Oatmeal. It is full of complex carbohydrates and fiber. And if you add something sweet to her, you get a wonderful energetic breakfast.

10. Bananas. Bananas are a lot of sugar, natural sugar, which is absorbed by the body much better.

11. Yogurt. The whole point in magnesium - an excellent source of long-running power. Just remember that in yogurt with fillers are much more sugar than it seems.

12. Eggs. Eggs in general can be attributed to a super-food. They are full of protein, vitamins and minerals (leucine among them) that are required by the body to complete the work and recovery after exercise. In addition, you will get tired not so fast.