Proper nutrition

Nutrition Tips.

Nutrition Tips.

1) Eat only one meat -pointless, because the body is much better absorbed proteins with carbohydrates. You must eat meat with garnish (races, pasta, baked potatoes), to the same side dish should be two, but for some people, and 3 times more than the meat.

2) It can be seen in directories that chickenholding the first place on utility, however, not necessary from day to eat chicken only, since other kinds of meat are also many useful substances, which is not present in the chicken. It is recommended to change their meat diet regularly. Canned food, sausages and similar products should not be trusted, as they have a little protein, but much more fat than necessary.

3) Dietitians been found that in the morningmetabolism rate is higher, and during the second half of the day, it is reduced. Therefore, 70% of the diet should be consumed during the day, in addition, half of this, up to thirteen hours of the day and make a last meal no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

4) You must not forget that the longerProducts amenable to thermal treatment, the more nutrients they lose. It is recommended not to eat meat with a burnt crust which also permeated the fat burnt. The products should be chosen very seriously because we need only fresh products.

5) In the stomach the food should reach wellcrushed, it has a strong impact on its uptake. Dentists say that if you have unhealthy teeth, the digestion is reduced by 20-30%. Seriously consider the health of your teeth.

6) Do not make any restrictionsdrink, but you need to know, what to drink, and to know how to drink. Due to the lack of water in the body the blood may become thick and hard, passing through thin capillaries, enter the muscle. But at the same time is not desirable food drink abundantly as gastric juice was diluted with water, because of this deteriorates digestion. It is necessary to use as much clean water. Beverages such as tea and coffee, no harm shall be, but too often they are used to wash away the valuable minerals from your body. By consuming carbonated drinks, we must remember that they contain soda, which neutralizes stomach acid, in addition to carbonated drinks a lot of sugar.

7) It is recommended to use a lot of vegetablessalads, as they are rich in a variety of nutrients that have not lost in their preparation, to the same vegetable salads have a beneficial effect on the intestinal tract to the robot. It is not necessary to concentrate only on exotic vegetables, a salad of cucumber, cabbage and carrots will be just as useful.

8) Each meal should be a meal, that is, it needs to be there with pleasure. Do not eat on the go and the better to eat alone without being distracted no matter what.

9) It is recommended to eat more often. It was established at frequent meals helps produce hormones. But under frequent meals is not necessary to understand the eating of sandwiches, this is absolutely not the same thing. Eat sandwiches instead of the usual food is strictly not necessary. Eating sandwiches, the body is saturated with useful substances, but only suppresses the feeling of hunger. Eat at least 4 times a day, preferably not less than 5. In this case, divide your daily diet in small portions.

10) The bulk of carbohydrates, eat in the firstafternoon, leaving the second half more protein and fiber. For bodybuilders in weight during this becomes an exception, because carbohydrates they do not interfere, and late in the evening.

11) The frequent use of small portions of food,those. split meals, it helps to speed up metabolism and helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels, which reduces the occurrence of hunger. And the less you feel hungry the less you eat, and the more minimized the likelihood of overeating. so smaller meals helps to avoid the deposition of fat reserves.