Proper nutrition

15 most useful products:

15 most useful products:

Apples - useful on all sides. Apples are known to contain more vitamin C than oranges, not to mention antioxidants, which help the body to maintain youthfulness. Due to the variety of fruit varieties, you can choose to your liking. Tip: Eat a couple of cloves as a snack or added to salads.

Flax seeds - this herb is extremely important fora healthy diet, in particular, for women suffering from hormonal disorders. Just two tablespoons a day will help strengthen bones and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Grains should be thoroughly chewed, so that they are properly assimilated by the body. Tip: flax seeds are added to salads as well as coffee beans to make coffee walnut flavor.

Carrots - small tubers with a largecontent of beta-carotene, which is entering the body, is converted to vitamin A. Carrot extremely useful to view reduces the risk of cancer, particularly skin cancer. Tip: The root is better to eat raw, when cooked many useful properties are lost.

Tomatoes - they contain large amounts of lutein (good for vision) and lycopene (an antioxidant, helps to prevent cancer). Tip: eat more tomatoes per day.

Onion - helps to fight with low pressureIt contains flavonoids that prevent the formation of cancer cells. Some countries have adopted a raw onion applied to the soles of his feet during colds. Tip: raw onion contains more useful elements, but while processing it almost does not lose its properties. It can be eaten raw - put in a sandwiches and salads, but you can bake with meat, add to soups and stews.

Garlic - like onions helps fight lowpressure reduces blood cholesterol. Tip: eaten raw, adding the cloves into a puree, grilled meat or in a salad. To get rid of the smell of garlic, it is possible to chew after eating coffee beans or a sprig of mint.

Cauliflower - This family representativecruciferous helps the liver and is useful for arthritis sufferers. Tip: use a few inflorescences in the form of cheese every day. If you are concerned about a specific taste, you can substitute cauliflower its closest relative - the broccoli.

Plums - help with anemia, are rich in vitamin C. Tip: Eat fresh plums for dessert or bake plum cake - plum does not lose its beneficial properties when cooked. Fresh plums can replace prunes.

Green tea - rich in antioxidants, reducesthe risk of strokes, helps restore the immune system. Tip: buy green tea produced in the countries where the use of chemical fertilizers. Green tea can be used as a hot or cold.

Cranberry - this berry is rich in antioxidants andvitamins, contributes to the improvement of the urinary system. Tip: buying cranberry juice, make sure it is natural. A better cook at home Traditional cranberry juice.

Iams - a sweet potato, rich in vitamin B6, which is very important for the heart muscle.

Celery - a source of vitamin C, with the help ofspecial components helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Tip: Chop celery into small pieces and add to the salad or soup. Celery will give a special flavor chicken broth.

Olives - no matter whether you prefer to eat themgreen (olive) or black (olives). These fruits contain a large amount of vitamin E and are a source of iron and copper. Tip: cut them in half and add to the salad. Or eat them whole. It is very useful to eat bread with olive oil content, or use olive oil when frying.

Strawberry - rich in phenols, which are useful for the heart, vitamin B5 and other nutrients.