Prevention and treatment of cellulite. Step-by-step instruction.

Beautiful ass and legs. Is not this the dream of every one of us?


1. Reduce consumption of food containing animal fats. Steamed and baked dishes - not just too delicious as fried, but also very useful. And throw out the chocolate from your nest egg for the evening.

2. Eat more often cabbage fresh. It promotes the excretion of excess fluid and fat burning.

3. Change your diet in your own confectionery excesses of fruit. They activate digestion, improve metabolism.

4. It would not say many nutritionists of irreparable harm caused by potato dishes figure in the fight against cellulite, they are essential. Potatoes make the skin more elastic and contained in this vegetable potassium out of the body fluid.

5. To strengthen the connective tissue and improve its elasticity needed vitamin C. 50 g blackcurrant, 50 g purple pepper or the infusion of rose hips of 25 g of dried fruits cover the required daily dose of this vitamin.

6. Onion is rich in iron, magnesium and calcium, which break down fat. Also leek contains essential oils stimulating digestion and deducing from the body fluid.


1. It is necessary to flush out toxins. Good displays fluid infusion of birch leaves. Between eating methods need to drink one cup of warm infusion. You can use other diuretics.

2. Every day to drink a miracle drink - a drink based on buttermilk with addition of mashed strawberries, strawberry or blueberry. Berries normalize the structure of the fatty tissue, strengthen connective tissue, and buttermilk improves digestion.

3. In the day to drink about 2 liters of water. With that most of the water must be drained to 14 hours of the day. And as little as possible after the 19 pm.
4. Coffee and soda - delete.


1. 2, preferably 3 times a week is good Presses own physical body treatments. The most effective of them: walking, swimming and cycling. Time you should leave at least 45 minutes. Remember, fat begins to burn after 30 minutes of active exercise. Too lazy to do? At least go for a walk, come on foot as much as possible. At least 30 minutes a day.

2. Get plenty of walking and to be outdoors.

3. Skipping rope, jump as much as possible. Start with 15 minutes, gradually bringing to 45 at the same time to get in shape, about which we dream. Once you have jumped, not sit. Hiking, can you do the exercises, otherwise all the result - nothing.

4. The complex preparatory exercises that will prepare our muscles to the basic exercises. This allows, first, to carry out training with a maximum benefit and, secondly, to eliminate the possible effects of physical trauma.

A simple exercise:

1. torso forward and to the sides.

2. Rotate the pelvis.

3. Squats.

4. Lunges forward alternately on obeh feet.

5. Walking in place, lifting knees high.

6. Jumping on tiptoes.

Depending on the degree of preparedness of each exercise should be repeated 20 to 50 times, and then use the anti-cellulite cream for problem areas.
Another exercise: Sit on the ass. cross-legged cross-legged. Rolled from one side to the other (breaks down cellulite, making the skin supple and smooth).


1. Scrub and / or (a better word "and"), a bath with sea salt. Just good coffee scrub

2. Massage with floral, pink or anise oil.

3. Dry massage mitt should be familiar to you procedure. Twice a day - morning and evening - rubs problem areas within 5 minutes. After take a shower and smazh skin cream.

4. Do body wraps.

5. Some algae help to eliminate toxins from problem areas. Effect wraps intensify if appropriate areas covered on the upper side with polyethylene.

6. Regularly take a contrast shower

7. Try to use a rough massage mitten, moistening her first hot and then cold water. Regular massage will make your skin more smooth and beautiful, help get rid of cellulite.

8. Use the honey massage.