Nutrition for the eyes

An important condition of preservation and maintenance ofEye functions - proper nutrition. It mainly consists in observing three principles: moderation in eating; high-grade, easily digestible and varied food; increased supplementation of foods rich in vitamins A, E and C.

Nutrition for the eyes

Let's start with the latter principle. Vitamin defect today is peculiar to most people. With eye diseases the body requires certain vitamins, which we have said above. Recall, vitamin A found in carrots, tomatoes, melon, salad, green, pot, green onions, cottage cheese, liver. Vitamin C - found in vegetables, mushrooms, dairy products. Vitamin C - in dog rose, potatoes, sauerkraut, citrus. Generously include in the diet of these food products.

Excellent nourishes the entire eye carrot juice system. He - the richest source of vitamin A. Rapidly and well absorbed. This juice can be drunk when you want to, but twice a year is necessary to drink carrot juice as a medicine course. A glass of juice every morning for a month.

By the way, carrot juice and strengthens the nervoussystem treats cancer at an early stage and is able to bring the body into a cheerful state. In seasons when the carrots lose their juiciness and no longer suitable for juice, drink a decoction of carrots. It can also form the basis for vegetable soups. We should not forget that the stew of carrots, juice, fresh salad should be eaten always with sour cream or butter, as vitamin A is fat-soluble. It is quite a small spoon of fat.

With eye diseases and optic nerve,ulceration of the cornea, cataract and conjunctivitis effective parsley juice. He - one of the most potent juices, so it should not drink more than 30-40 ml per day. The amount of juice at one time should be no more than one spoon.

Parsley juice mix with better water or other vegetable juice. Extremely useful mixture of carrot juice and parsley.

Excellent "refreshing" the eye, purifies the blood and the entire body beets. Two tablespoons of juice it is added to a mixture of carrot and parsley juice.

Positive effect on blood vessels eye apricots in any form: natural, fresh fruit, juice, dried - dried apricots and dried apricots.

From summer berries blueberries improve vision. During the season it should eat at least 10 glasses. Blueberries are a good idea retains its unique properties as a raw jam. Frays blueberries should be in the proportions: one cup of berries for one cup of sugar. If harvested blueberries are stored in a refrigerator, a portion of sugar can be reduced by half. Be sure to drink rose hips - for vitamin C content it has no equal. his daily intake provides strength and elasticity of blood vessels.

People who suffer from myopia, it is necessary to preparehawthorn. It is rich in ascorbic acid and carotene. Dried hawthorn, milled into flour, mix with honey can be eaten as jam. Dried leaves and fruits of hawthorn good to use as tea leaves instead of tea.

Rich in keratin, necessary for weak eyes, pumpkin. Restrictions in its consumption does not. Pumpkin certainly be added to salads, soups, mashed potatoes.