Myths and truth colds

Coming season of colds - the autumn. Runny nose, cough, fever, chills ... all this breaks our habitual way of life, and at the first sign of cold, we are ready to do anything you want, just do not get sick. However, not all the recipes work. Next most common myths and the truth about colds.

Myths and truth colds

Are you sure that you need during the coldtake more vitamin C, and then you will get well? Or do you think that can be transmitted during a kiss to the ill person, and that during the cold people lose weight? Or, you think that there is no point in chicken broth?

Numerous studies carried out by modern scholars in different countries show that most of the allegations of colds, transmitted from generation to generation, is wrong.

Cold: prevention

Statement 1: we are powerless before the cold

It is a myth!

The most common causative agents of the common cold are rhinoviruses, which are spread through the air with dust and liquid droplets. Inhaling contaminated particles, we get sick.

But do not think that our bodyvulnerable to infection. In most cases, our own defenses to cope with viruses, stop the disease in an early stage without bringing the case before the clinical manifestations.

In medical school, the experiment was carried out in Wisconsin, where 16 pairs took part. One of the partners had a cold.

Healthy and sick man kissing for 1 minute. As a result of the 16 healthy people sick after only one kiss.

Proposition 2: the cold provokes the appearance of a cold

It is a myth!

Many believe that with the advent of powerfulcold catch cold easier. In fact, negative temperature, on the contrary, is able to stop the most severe epidemic and protect against infection if the dress appropriately season.

Dry cold air acts detrimental to many viruses, destroying their environment.

The most favorable climate for viruses -cool and wet autumn or winter thaw. In such weather pathogenic particles are easy to breed and maintain long-term viability. And we run the risk of wet feet and supercooled, weakening the body's defenses.

Statement 3: protection against cold is necessary to use anti-bacterial soap

It is a myth!

This soap kills the bacteria, preventing them to build their own protective cell wall. But most pathogens viruses are cold rather than bacteria.

Viruses, like bacteria, have a different composition of the shell. Therefore, antibacterial soap is as effective as usual: soapy water just washes pathogenic particles with it.

But substances such as alcohol, can completely destroy the viruses found specialists from Virginia in early 2015.

Modern physicians are advised to wash their hands with an alcohol-reducing the risk of common cold diseases.

Proposition 4: chicken broth protects against colds

It's true!

Even our grandmothers told: so as not to get sick, you need to drink chicken soup! Strange, but until recently scientists did not attach much importance to this preventive agent. Fortunately, pulmonologist Stephen Rennard decided to find out whether it's true or not.

The professor conducted a study and proved that the consumption of chicken broth affects the mobility of neutrophils, white blood cells that protect the body against infection and activating the immune system.

Assertion 5: cause of the disease - in supercooling

It is a myth!

The British conducted an experiment and proved that exposure to drafts and cold in wet clothes or wet hair may not be a cause of the common cold.

Two groups of people participated in the study. Some were in wet clothes and wet hair in a warm room, the other - in the draft. As a result, sick 50/50 in both groups.

Colds are caused by viruses, and drafts or coldIt is an additional factor weakening the body's defenses. Immunity may be reduced, which will serve as a prerequisite for the vulnerability to disease in the future.

Colds: treatment

Colds, flu Adoption 6: Vitamin C strengthens the immune system

It is a myth!

Previously, physicians believed that vitamin C increases the amount of white blood cells that kill viruses. None of the modern research has not confirmed this.

In the course of 30 clinical studies, which were attended by 10,000 people Bole, it has been proven that the daily intake of vitamin C does not prevent the occurrence of colds!

Vitamin C helps ease cold symptoms slightly, strengthens the vascular wall, reduces the symptoms of inflammation, but does not affect the immune system.

Only a few
Studies have confirmed the preventive effect of taking this vitamin for people suffering from severe physical stress (soldiers, skiers, marathon runners).

Assertion 7: The best remedy for the common cold - Bow

It's true!

Until now, many are practicing this methodprevention of colds: cut the onion in half and left the room. The room quickly fills a specific smell, which protects us from bacteria and viruses.

Foreign scientists have not yet been tested as a means of efficiently, but as practice shows, it really works.

Bow, left in the bedroom at night, is able to stop the development of the common cold in the beginning, at the first sign of the disease. So do not forget this is a simple and affordable preventive agent.

Adoption 8: runny honey treats

It's true!

Surprisingly, honey really effectively treat a runny nose. According to the findings of doctors, honey is much more effective than many drugs for the common cold.

In the honey contains substances, which are not justrelieve symptoms of colds and treat. This is especially true cold. the reaction of 11 strains of microorganisms in the honey has been investigated. It was found that when in contact with them almost all killed bacteria and viruses, even those that are resistant to antibiotics.

Colds: the disease

Colds, flu Approval 9: the higher the temperature, the more dangerous the disease

It is a myth!

Intensity of cold symptoms do not always reflect the severity of the condition. In other words: to think that the more the disease, the stronger the symptoms of a cold - it is wrong.

In fact, another statement is true: the more acute the immune system responds to the virus, the more pronounced the symptoms of colds, including the temperature.

Acute symptoms of a cold are a signa strong immune system, and the weakening of the body's defenses, the disease can occur long time without symptoms persist, become chronic.

Assertion 10: The use of alcohol increases the risk of developing

It is a myth!

Scientists from Salisbury (England) found that those who allow themselves to drink a day 1-2 servings alcoholic drink less colds than non-drinkers.

Why is this happening, I could not figure out. "Maybe people who consume alcohol, are less susceptible to some viruses", - scientists have suggested.

Alcohol somehow restrict viral replication. However, to prevent the disease with the help of alcohol, doctors do not recommend, as it will negatively affect the health of the liver.

In addition, alcohol is not combined with cold medicine and some drugs, such as paracetamol, turns into poison.

Assertion 11: The first cold can occur without symptoms

It's true!

Medical statistics show that 20-30% of people are carriers of a cold virus, and the symptoms of colds they did not appear.

Most people can be contagious during the incubation period. This period lasts for colds usually 2-3 days and may be asymptomatic.

These people are the source of the disease to their friends and relatives. Therefore, even shaking hands with such a man, you run the risk of catching cold.

Assertion 12: during cold you need to forget about sports

It is a myth!

This is one of the most common myths. At school, we received a certificate of exemption from physical education classes after an illness. But recent studies show that one should not forget about sports and during common cold.

Exercise will help your immune system to overcome the virus. The only contraindication - high temperature. In such a situation it is necessary to wait until the temperature normalizes.

So if you usually lead an active lifestyle and feel the strength to deal with, and during the illness - do not deny yourself.

Assertion 13: during a cold person loses weight

It is a myth!

Runny nose, cough, fever ... All thisstimulates weight loss? Far from it! This theory is not just wrong. The fact that in some cases, a simple people start to gain weight rapidly. Why?

There are at least five virus families,which cause colds, including adenoviruses. Scientists were shocked to discover recently that some adenoviruses can become a cause not only stuffy nose, and obesity.

In 20% of cases, three types of adenoviruses provoking
cosiness fat deposition. As a result of infected people during the cold gaining weight faster than the healthy.

Weight loss during the cold can be caused by a patient's refusal of food.