Several Secrets from the excellent figures of French

Eternal harmony - is not a myth but a reality. How to achieve this. Here are some simple rules, observing that you can in anything does not deny.

1. For three weeks lead your normal life, but with one Correction. Get yourself to a special notebook in which is recorded eaten per day. You can very well aware of their preferences and extra calories. You can look the enemy in the face.

2. From the list, select just eaten those dishes that bring you real pleasure, and then take them into account only. All that is called fast food, sandwiches and burgers better to ignore. Eat about 20 minutes, not less.

3. Picky eating will give you the opportunity to refuse semis. In fact, just as long to fry a piece of natural meat than the meat patty. Set your priorities. All present your meals yourself in a beautiful serving and pleasant environment.

4. Onions perfectly help you to get rid of excess water in the body and improve the metabolism. There are a couple of recipes that can be used each day. Clean kilo of onions and place in boiling water, leave for 20 minutes and drink a glass every 2 hours. In another case, you can cook a great sauce for salads and other dishes. Pour the same kilo of onions with olive oil, add spices, and lemon juice. Refuel salads, or eat in its natural form.

5. Movement - Life! And yet, and a slim figure. It is not necessary to go to the fitness facilities, especially if there is the opportunity to walk up to the house on foot. Avoid the elevator, every day to do a couple of exercises at the press, legs and abdomen. In this case, you will always have something to boast in front of her friends.

6. Keep your style. Even if the cold, if too lazy to other misfortunes, try to always maintain the same style and lifestyle. So you definitely protect yourself from breakdowns, and will be able to keep yourself in great shape.