Mobile phones stimulate cancer

Mobile phones are also a health hazard because it increases the risk of cancer. Such a final conclusion the World Health Organization.

Mobile phones stimulate cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO)It has revised its attitude to mobile phones, saying that they can cause an increased risk of developing certain types of brain tumors, such as gliomas. This was reported on the organization's website.

To the new conclusion came a group comprising 31scientists from 14 countries. They found that cell phones should be classified as a "possible carcinogen". Thus, the scale of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), mobile phones have been placed in the same group as lead, chloroform and coffee.

The WHO reported that the attitude towards mobilephones was changed after a review of all the available research findings in this area to date. Previously, the organization argued that a clear link between mobile phone use and the development of cancer is not revealed.

According to scientists, to draw any specific conclusions is premature, since for them there is no reason - we need more research.

Independent experts generally skepticalreacted to the findings of WHO. So, John Volls (John Walls), CTIA vice president of public relations, said that the classification of mobile phones in the IARC system does not mean that they cause cancer. In his opinion, the conclusion reached by the WHO, all can be the result of errors in the studies. CTIA brings together telecom operators and telecom equipment manufacturers.

As long as what is offered to users to decide whether they want to earn the cancer through a dozen or so years.

In recent years, the issue of mobile securityphone has been raised repeatedly at various organizations. In 2007, Swedish scientists have yet come to the conclusion that the frequent use of a cell increases the risk of cancer, but not the brain and auditory nerve.

Complexity, according to scientists, is that mobilephones came into use not long ago, and their specific impact is small. Therefore, you need enough time to get specific figures. As an example, researchers point to cigarettes: first substantial grounds for concern about smoking was not, but only turned out that nicotine increases the risk of cancer over the years.

Scientists unanimously agree thatmost of all the electromagnetic radiation produced in the mobile device, are children, because they have a weak body and a thin skull. In turn, on the harmful effects of cellular communication in 2015 he warned Gennady Onishchenko, chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation.

Those who are concerned about the frequent use ofMobile phones now, we recommend using a headset. In this case the radiation from the mobile phone will not have such an effect as if the phone was in the head. In the case of children chat on a mobile phone should be easy to reduce. The magnitude of the harmful effects of mobile phones on human displays SAR indicator. In various countries, to him different requirements. The figure is less, the less impact.