Milk - effective general tonic

"White pharmacy" doctors called milk. And because among the councils, which give nutritionists to people of all ages are more likely to occur, "the milk must necessarily be in your diet." Why nutritionists give him a steady preference? What are the benefits of milk?

Milk - effective general tonic

Two hundred different substances useful to manThey are found in milk. What other product can compete with such advantages? Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins - all of this is found in milk, giving a wonderful healing effect.

The use of milk is quite significant: One liter of this drink provides a daily requirement for animal protein - the building material of the body, and half a liter of milk makes up almost daily need for calcium.

Milk - an effective means of bracing,it has beneficial effects on metabolism, exerts therapeutic effects in atherosclerosis and diseased liver. It saves you from losing votes, and liver disease, psoriasis and migraine, burns and skin diseases. Dairy Diet - an indispensable tool for those who have health problems.