Methods of dealing with a late dinner

Each of us is faced with the problem of latedinners. We enjoy the contents of the plates, and then feel guilty. After a late dinner does not happen at 19.00 and not at 20.00. We can break through any cordon on the way to the refrigerator and secretly seize anything in 21.00 and even later. No wonder that evening dinners are reflected in our figure. How to deal with this?

Methods of dealing with a late dinner

10 tricks to combat late dinner

1. Previously, go - get up early. Start with the fact that the stand at 5 or 6 am. In short, an hour or two earlier than usual. Morning take a useful business, which had planned to do in the evening. You'll see, in the evening you will tend to dream.
Early rise will help to ensure that ayour normal waking time you feel hungry. This means that you will find a full breakfast, which is "launch" of the work process of your biological clock. At this rate, you will very soon come to what will be enrolled in the natural sleep and wakefulness - again become a lark or simply will be forced to become.

2. Do not skip any meals. It is no secret that in the evening we pluck and eat because the poor eat during the day. Therefore, take care not to pass a complete meal. Be sure to eat first, and meat. Proteins are digested slower than carbohydrates, and therefore the feeling of hunger will not come to you as quickly as if you had opted for muffins or pies.

3. Drink, but do not eat. If you and "tempted" to eat something, drink a cup of tea without sugar, mineral, water or other beverage that contains a minimal amount of calories. It takes your mind about food. If you drink tea with sugar, and drink can not be content without sweetener, prefer flavored teas. Drinks with cinnamon, vanilla themselves have a sweet taste, so the lack of sugar will not be so noticeable to you.

4. Find a way to improve your mood. Think of yourself, returning home after the evening walks, meetings with friends or visiting the theater. Because you did not want to eat - you are full of positive emotions, calm and complacent. Go in the house that can improve your mood. Each of us can find ways to relaxation and relaxation - whether it is a bath with sea salt or the choice of the country rest.

5. Take your hand, that they are not able to reach for the food. Go in the evening that will distract you and take your hands so that they are not dragged on for the next portion of potatoes or ragout. This can be any active occupation - knitting, good computer toy, correspondence on the Internet, writing poems, "freeze" on the site of interesting women's magazine or discussing a variety of issues of concern to women's social network.

6. Eat in kitchen, focus on the food. Throw a habit to eat at the TV or computer. You stop in such a way to control how much and what to eat. So always eat in the kitchen, carefully chewing and without taking up any outside activities. Let nothing distract you from dinner. You will feel when it is saturated and the likelihood of overeating will be minimized.

7. Eat non-caloric food. Well, if you're still unsure, you do not go to sleep if you do not go, give preference to the most low-calorie dishes. Eat fruits, vegetables, foods without trans fats. You will take your stomach, but it will not provoke the emergence of excess weight. You will table calorie products, from which it is obvious which foods - the enemy of your figure, and what - the Allies.

8. Your most slender pictures - on the refrigerator. Take your photo, which you most like you imagine. That is to say, the ideal of your looks and figure. Hang it on the fridge. The photo must be sufficiently large. Now, each time on the way to the food you will be met by "I loved" that will appeal to your mind. Probably, in some cases, it will stop you.

9. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner after. Go to the bath and carefully brush your teeth immediately after dinner. Use mint dental floss "for effect." The feeling of freshness in the mouth will remind you that a meal for today is already over.

10. Have sex. Sex is able to address a wide variety of our problems. In the first place, it makes you forget about the food, and secondly, relieves stress, accumulated during the day, and thirdly, making a favorable atmosphere in the family, in the fourth, burns calories, fifth, improves mood and makes us happy. Happiness - the best way to fight obesity, because life without food is delicious and beautiful.