Medicines can not be stored for a long time

Tablets, especially the potent and poisonous, store in a dry place, away from other drugs and out of reach of children!

Medicines can not be stored for a long time

Do not store the drugs for a long time.

Most drugs with long-term storageloses its properties. Microorganisms, atmospheric oxygen, sunlight, heat, moisture may damage the medication, even in the short term. Therefore, for the home kit pull the dark, dry, cool place, inaccessible to children. And, of course, observe the shelf life of drugs. In those cases when they are not able to use the time, discard and replace if necessary.

Pay attention to the appearance of the tablets powders, juices, drops, ointments. If you change the color or smell - you can not use them.

The medicine that a doctor's prescription is prepared inpharmacy, usually designed for medical treatment. As it does not spoil, but for the future should not be store during this period. When a doctor prescribes a longer period of treatment, order the drug again. Do not forget to get it in a timely manner in a pharmacy.

To medicines should not lose their properties, tightly close the bottle or box, and put them in the medicine cabinet or refrigerator.