Tips for those who want to be fit

1. Low-calorie foods:

Tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, white lean fish, citrus.

2. Nourishing products:

Rolled oats, durum wheat pasta, beans, whole grain bread, apples.

3. Products without provoking jumps in blood sugar:

Skim milk, lentils, mushrooms, berries, lettuce.

4. Products with lower fat content:

Low-fat cottage cheese, chicken offal, seafood, grouper, tuna.

5. Foods that will support your appearance:

Clean water, olive oil, almonds, flaxseed oil, avocado.

6. Foods that are nice to you is:

Vegetables and fruits that crunch, while you eat them - apples, carrots, bell peppers, celery, etc .;. whipped dairy products without sugar, fruit puree, low-fat chicken pate, juicy berries.

7. Products which do not retain water in the body: Green tea; orange juice, diluted with water; cranberries; berry fruit drinks and soft drinks without sugar; and celery juice out of it.