Improving the contour shape

Monday - a new life, you decide. Proper nutrition, fitness and no calories. We show you how to optimize the process by following our 10 simple tips.

1. Increase the amount of walking. Walking - this is a great exercise for those who are thinking about their health and decided to engage in fitness. Walking helps to reduce weight and blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

2. Engage in new sports. Sport not only develops your body physically, but also stimulates the mental skills and reduces stress.

3. Walk in the gym. A combination of different types of fitness - one of the best ways to quickly change the parameters of our body.

4. Make your workout habit. Exercises keep your body healthy. Why not make it a habit?

5. Drink milk. Recent studies show that milk - the best "builder" muscles. When you start going to the gym, your body will need more protein, and milk - a great source of it.

6. Eat right in fast foods. Of course, it is better not to eat them, but sometimes, due to various circumstances, we simply have to have it. If you still decide to once again go to a fast food restaurant to grab a little list - calorie foods with no more than 400, and a fat content not exceeding '15

7. Stop drinking "soda". As it enormous amount of sugar. Switching to diet soda will not help. Drink ordinary clean water.

8. Eat breakfast. Breakfast a must! It is very tight. Otherwise the evening you will have to make up your diet for nutrients is quite a hearty dinner, which is not recommended.

9. Listen to music before going to bed. The researchers found that 45 minutes of relaxing music to improve sleep quality by 35 percent before bedtime.

10. Get up early. According to Ayurveda, you need to get up with the rise of the sun, and to go to bed - with sunset. It is a pity that does not always work to adhere to this advice.