Illusions about the food

Illusions about the food

Who says you can not eat after six? And if you really want? So, it is possible! And stop blame themselves for every morsel eaten at night! ..

I'm sure you, like all the women in the world, adoreexperiment. With hairstyle, interior, wardrobe, and even with his own body. Only here with the latter be careful! Blindly following the fashion and trusting advertising, you risk not only disappointed, but also significantly harm health.

Separate food, for example, can lead tometabolic disorders, and your stomach just eventually lose the ability to digest regular food. Fasting - is not the best choice. Grueling diet lead to problems with the gall bladder, and the stresses and say no.

There are many other misconceptions that it's time to find out.

Myth 1. From cholesterol continuous harm.

This substance excites the minds of the middle of lastcentury, but the consensus is still there. But it is proved that cholesterol is required! Its molecules involved in the construction of the cell membrane, laying the foundation for the synthesis of hormones and vitamins. The main thing - to choose good cholesterol. It is found in olive oil, in seafood and sea fish.

Myth 2. A separate food - better.

According to the theory of a separate food for onesitting should eat only matching products. Sam Shelton, the founder of this theory, explained by the fact that for the breakdown of proteins require an acidic environment, and for carbohydrates - alkaline. If they both enter the stomach simultaneously, difficult digestion and this leads to slagging and excess weight. In fact, everything is much easier. Scientists have proven that the digestive system copes with mixed diet, in this way the nutrients absorbed much better.

Myth 3. After six is ​​not to!

If you are not frightened by the prospect awake at nightfrom an acute attack of hunger, think that the stomach will require compensation in the morning, caused by the long break in the food. Forcing himself willed and then cut back on the diet, you will achieve ... weight gain. Excited, the body decides to stock up on energy for the next hunger strike case.

Rejection of meal leads to the fact that the fat is notburns, and begins to be delayed even more actively. It is better for an hour or so before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt with finely chopped greens and eat some cheese. The calcium in dairy products, promotes active fat burning, especially if you use them at night.