How useful douches?

Douches is alternatelybody pouring hot and cold water. There are several rules under which you can be sure that the hardening in this manner will not harm your body.

How useful douches?

First, warm water. When the body is used - a few minutes of hot water, then cold-minute, again a few minutes of hot, again a minute cold. And just ten minutes. If you have time, it is possible and more ...

Behind this lies an amazing curative effect.

Douches beneficial effect onhuman body. Moreover, its impact is inhomogeneous. First, the reception contrast shower relaxes the body, restores the proper operation of the cardiovascular system, stabilizes the nervous system, strengthens the immune system. All these processes take place on the body due to the action of alternation of cold and warm water. While taking a shower, when the drops fall on the shoulders and back, collar creates the effect of massage, which is an excellent means of prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Second, the shower has the ability to invigorate andcheer up. Therefore it is recommended to take a contrast shower in the morning, after waking to tune in a working mood. Third, this procedure is ideal for the treatment of cellulite and tightening of muscles, which is especially important for women.

And yet, some sources claim that thethe regular use of a contrast shower increases the number of red and white cells in the blood, normalization of the electric charge of the body, normal body weight, cardiac arrhythmia disappear and much, much more. And yet - good.

The combined effect is to improve health, increase efficiency and even ... rejuvenation of the body.

This effect of a contrast shower is easy to explain. The skin - the largest organ of a human. And coaching a contrast shower skin, we have to give pleasure and train the whole body.

However, this simple procedure should be carried outcorrectly. The main principle here - "do no harm". If you are jumping the pressure or tumors, heart disease, blood vessels, blood - always consult with your doctor.

Here we go?

1. Increase and decrease the water temperature gradually, with each procedure. Your body must be "tempered", get used to a large temperature contrast.
2. First nezhimsya just under warm water. Then a few minutes include hot. Heat the body should be much longer than cool. A cold shower is better to pour. Overturned a bucket of ice water over his head ... Wow !!!
3. Begin cooling the body (pouring) should always be on top.
4. In no case can not bring themselves to chill (freezing)! The subjective feeling of cheerfulness and amenities - this is the main indicator of the correctness of the procedure. No need to strain to strain and will to the detriment of health! Relax and enjoy.
5. Contrast showers are best taken in the morning after the morning exercises. That's when the body warmed up, blood running fast, and wash off the sweat of the body can not hurt!
6. After a shower rub oneself necessarily intensely hard towel. This is both an extra massage, and stimulation of the cutaneous microcirculation.

You can enhance the effect of the procedures andpsychological methods. If the soul humming a song, the mood will rise markedly. And if this still and say: "My body is cleaned, recuperates and younger" or something of that sort, the effect is simply stunning!

And one more remark. healing effect of a contrast shower is achieved only with time. However, you will notice it very quickly. And if you use a contrast shower will enter you into the habit, the positive effect will last for a lifetime.