How to tidy himself up for 3 days

You will be an important way out? No need to panic! We show you what to do to look dazzling.

Last month you were busy buying giftsand preparations for the holidays, so it was not quite time for yourself. In addition, your stunning new dress barely fastened. You think with horror about the upcoming party, because you need to be on top, and no one should notice that you have recovered slightly. You are ready to run to the store for a new dress?

How to tidy himself up for 3 days

Do not hurry! For three days come back to normal - the effect is guaranteed.

In such a short time, of course, can not beget rid of the extra kilos and lose two sizes, but the right diet can help you look slimmer and feel better. From the rounded tummy will be able to get rid of, and the skin condition improves.

You can also rely on a burst of energy,which is enough to dance the night away. Leaving the house, you will be happy to turn around to look at her reflection in the mirror. This will be a great party!

3 days: Feel ease!

Begin to stick to a diet that will bringexcess water from the body. So you get rid of a few centimeters in the waist, swelling disappear, become slimmer legs. You will feel light and energized.

If you want the effect to be visible quickly,exclude from your diet three white product: salt, sugar and flour. It is not enough simply to salt food, not sweeten and not cook anything made from flour. Lots of salt found in smoked fish, smoked meat, cheeses. Refuse should be of semi-finished products, such as powdered soups.

Try not to eat cakes, sweets. Eat eggs, cottage cheese, vegetables, fish and chicken steamed or grilled. Twice a day, drink herbal teas.

2 days: eliminate skin irritation

This is the deadline for depilation. If the procedure set aside for later, the skin irritation will be very noticeable. Especially brunettes sores can appear in areas where the hairs are removed. After the procedure, using, for example, panthenol in a spray to relieve irritation.

Pay special attention to the shoulders, elbows and knees,if you want to wear a short dress with shoulder straps. The skin in these places is tough and dry. So first soften it in the bathroom and smooth mitt. In place of over-dried, apply compresses of glycerin mixed with a few drops of lemon. Repeat the next day.

It is necessary to act without delay, if you know,that soon will begin monthly and can deteriorate the skin. Before you can use a proofreader, a decoction brew tricolor violet (1 tbsp. L. To 1 cup of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes). Drink three times a day between meals.

1 day: Get rid of the tummy

You will find a mini-fruit diet. Its effect - a flat tummy. Perfect for this diet berries: strawberries, raspberries, black and red currants. Due to the large amount of fiber, this diet regulates intestinal function, it will save you from bloating and bring water from the body. At this time, the berries are best to buy frozen. Throughout the day you can eat only 1.5 kg of a mixture of berries or fruits for 4-5 servings. You can mix the berries with 300 ml of unsweetened yogurt 0% fat.

The second important task - one day before the holiday good night's sleep. You need at least eight hours of sleep. Then the next day you will have more energy to have fun and dance.


Energy and good mood now need youmost. Before you begin to prepare for the exit, prikornite half an hour. Then take a shower gel containing microgranules massaging with citrus odor. This means you will relax, but give strength. Complete shower with cold water, then pat the body with a towel and rub into the skin balm that gives the skin radiance.

On the face, apply a hydrating mask. Then proceed to make-up. Do it slowly, because only achieve the desired effect.

An hour before the exit, if you are going to a partydrink alcohol, eat a meal rich in protein and fat, such as tuna sandwich. Then, on the walls of the stomach to form a protective film, which will slow down the penetration of alcohol in the blood. Another way to avoid a hangover the morning - before the party to drink a glass of soluble vitamin C or activated carbon.