How to meet the morning after a stormy night

How to meet the morning after a stormy night

Alcohol severely dehydrates the body tissue. When water Hangover deficiency is 2-3 liters. Therefore, it is recommended in the first 2 hours after waking and 1.5 l drink liquid drink and keep it for as much of the day. Thus it is possible not only to compensate for the lack of water, and thoroughly rinse the body from toxic products produced during the decay of alcohol.

Some caution should be observed in the drinkcitizens with high blood pressure (especially the lower, so-called diastolic). Excessive fluid intake can cause high blood pressure.

If you can not control the pressure,guided by the indirect signs that arise when receiving waters: heaviness in the occipital region, throbbing headache, worse body slopes, repeated retching, flashing "flies" in front of his eyes.

When these feelings have to severely limitand the amount of liquid taken diuretics preferably decoctions of herbs. To reduce the pressure would recommend to take the pill the drug, reducing the pressure (on prescription).

To prevent vomiting, fluid is not used in one gulp, and evenly, about 1-1,5 l within the first hour and a half. It is enough to reduce the concentration of toxic substances in the body.

But drink only water - a little. The body wants to introduce a lost hangover substance - salt, easily digestible carbohydrates and vitamins, as well as a favorable move in the direction of the acid-alkaline balance. Drink - the most effective to do this if you are drinking not just water, and various liquids.

Water is easy to quench the thirst of the traveler in the desert, butunlikely to quench thirst hangover. Yes, water dampen caked throat, moisturize dry mouth and begin to restore the fluid balance in the body. However, it does not return the body to the other, lost due to the action of alcohol substances will not be able to remove from the body poisonous fusel oils and remnants of undigested alcohol.

Moreover, excess water is able to wash outorganism required salt, for example potassium salts, lead to even greater imbalance salt. Therefore never fill the hangover thirst (dry trees) with plain water - you will only make things worse. And if the travelers in the desert, and after a long distance athletes prefer to drink salt water, since then they have lost a lot of salt, you seemed to be, the more it should be done.

But the body has not hungover deficitas much sodium as potassium and magnesium. So drink water, salt regular table salt, will not help you. After all, it only contains sodium chloride. And the solution does not help any of potassium salt in water. The fact that potassium ions can be absorbed well by the body only in the presence of sodium ions.

Some assistance may have a mineralwater. The most useful bicarbonate water, then there are those who taste salty-alkaline. Besides the fact that this falls into the body of water a wide range of different salts, it will reduce the acidity of stomach contents, while at the same time prevent spasms, have anti-inflammatory effects. The result will not be slow in coming. Disappear heartburn and burping, unpleasant resolve heaviness in the stomach.

The only thing that needs to be done before the use of mineral water - is opening a bottle, let the water settle, or a good shake to left gas.

I feel better a little bit? Now you can add some fun to drink, for example, in a glass of water to throw a slice of lemon, and even better to squeeze half a lemon and add a little honey for sweetness. This will, in addition to water and salts, to provide the body with carbohydrates and vitamins lost. Lemon juice can be replaced by any fruit juice.