How to fight cellulite?

Oh, this hateful cellulite! How many women suffer from it. If it were simply a disease with no change in female beauty, it is unlikely women so strenuously fought with him.

Maybe Mother Nature is specially so conceived,that we should at least occasionally pay attention to your health? After all, it does not say - cellulite is not just an ugly flaw. This is a signal that our body is not all right - must be urgently treated.

From what there is cellulite?

Cellulite - a female problem. And just because they connective tissue fibers are looser than in men. And when the body's toxins stagnate, slow extraction - connective tissue expands and forms cellulite. Cellulite starts with an imbalance in the subcutaneous processes. Fat accumulates unevenly in certain areas. And that became more clear - turn to the right name for cellulite. It is called "lipodystrophy", which means a violation of lipid metabolism.

Few women safe from this phenomenon, regardless of age. Here are just some of the factors that affect the formation of cellulite.

1.Izbytochny weight

2.Skachki weight (wrong diet).

3.Problemy in bowel habits.

4.Nepravilnaya posture.

5.malopodvizhny lifestyle.

6.Uzkaya, tight clothing.

7. When OK.


Useless ways to fight cellulite.

You can not get rid of cellulite with the help of creamsor gels. These substances are able to maintain the skin elastic only superficially. A cellulite - the phenomenon of internal processes of the body. You do not come to treat the head, for example, visceral pain using the cream. So in the case of cellulite.

You can not get rid of cellulite, but doing in the gym, and after passing a course of massage. These methods provide only a short-term effect.


This is a surgical operation, through whichpartially eliminate the fat, but cellulite. Liposuction does not guarantee that the cellulite will develop and progress in the neighboring areas where the fat cells are not destroyed.

Anti-cellulite pantyhose.

They can save you of cellulite at the earlieststage where cellulite is almost imperceptible to the eye. And at long wearing Waist claw can happen the opposite effect. Since the system can disrupt blood flow and this process will only lead to the development of cellulite.

Magic get rid of cellulite in nature does not exist at all. You can not get rid of it as the wave of a magic wand.

Effective methods to combat cellulite.

Fighting cellulite is necessary to complex. There is no such method, a single, which would have helped you. And most importantly, patience. Fighting cellulite should be as mandatory as washing in the morning.

1.Zanyatiya sports. Intermittent "Monday" will not help. Cellulite is not afraid of those who today started tomorrow threw, then I started again, etc. The most useful exercises - running, swimming, akvaerobika.

2.Contrast shower. Daily. That's just after such a soul will be helpful to rub a variety of anti-cellulite creams.

3.Massazh. Your task - to improve tissue elasticity. It is on sale and special massage mitten massager.

4.Igloukalyvanie. This method is suitable for those who are overweight. But it can not be used for varicose veins.

These methods can help you only in the earlystage of cellulite formation. Unfortunately, in advanced cases, you do not have to cope alone. We'll have to turn to specialists. And then, finally cellulite can not be beat. It is necessary to constantly keep yourself in shape.

Help your body and even specialPower. Your diet should be sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E. It helps normalize the blood circulation (no wonder women call it magic vitamin). Be sure to include sea kale and fish on their menus. They will help to slow the development of cellulite, as strengthens the connective tissue fibers. Be sure to use vegetables and fresh greens. And it is useful to recall that the alcoholic beverages and tobacco - Home Friends of cellulite. Get rid of these "friends". If you take yourself in hand and perform at least some of the recommendations in the summer will not be ashamed to appear on the beach in all its glory.