How to choose a toothbrush

The range of modern shops reveals a wide freedom of choice. Usually we grab a counter that suits us in color, shape and price, but whether such a toothbrush is suitable to our teeth?

How to choose a toothbrush

Here are some criteria by which to choose such an important thing for our health:
• The length of the brush a toothbrush should not exceed 25-30 mm. Only in this way you will reach easily the most inaccessible corners of your mouth, such as molars.
• the cleaning head itself must be smooth, rounded shapes. Otherwise the probability of damage to the gums.
• It is best if the hair is not simply distributed evenly on the cleaning head, but is collected in separate beams with rounded tops.
• Brush with soft bristles for peoplehave gum disease, for children and for pregnant women (it is known that the gums become very sensitive during pregnancy). The majority of the population will approach srednezhёstkoy brush with bristles.
• Even if you are very fond of all natural,choose all the same brush with synthetic bristles. Natural bristles absorb moisture and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, natural bristle very fast breaks and sharp edges capable of damaging your gums.
• Handle in children's toothbrush should be thicker than in adults - then the child will be easier to keep it.
• It is best if the handle toothbrush are rubber inserts. So it will not slip out of hands.
• And remember: change your toothbrush must be not less than once in three months! And after all the transferred infectious or viral diseases, immediately replaced by a brush - it can remain germs or bacteria.

Separately, talk about electric tooth schёtkah. They are becoming more and more popular. The electric toothbrush can not be used for people who have had surgery on the periodontium and after cancer surgery in the oral cavity.
How to choose a toothbrush?

• It is better if the cleaning head of your electric toothbrush will be circular or cup-shaped.
• There are brushes that are in addition toprimary function (cleaning) have built-in timer that will prompt you to the end time of this hygienic procedures (in addition, the timer can count down the time it takes to pay the upper jaw and separate the bottom), as well as a pressure sensor, which will signal if you are too strongly presses brush the teeth.
• It is best to choose a brush with interchangeableheads. In the beginning it will cost you more, but remember that the brush should be changed at least once every three months. Which is cheaper: to buy a new brush or buy attachment?

Recently, international independent non-profitexpert company Cochrane Collaboration conducted a study to determine the best electric toothbrush. clinical trials of various types elektroschёtok were analyzed. So what conclusions are made: the most effective was a brush having swinging and pulsating movements.

The most simple in the classroom preventiveelektroschёtok with a round brush head are having two-level bristles and reciprocates a circular motion. A more sophisticated version of the brush with a round head - a toothbrush, having a two-tier field, wear indicator and to perform, in addition to the back-and-pie, still vibrating motion. Some electric brushes are like a millstone. They are two circular disk on which there are tufts of bristles flatten.

The advantage of these brushes is that theysimultaneously purified and inner and outer side of the tooth. But, like all the brushes, in this model there is a minus. The brush is not well cleans the surface of the molars, has poor maneuverability, and it is difficult to manipulate. And the last type - the so-called single-beam (or monopuchkovye) brush. On the small round brush head is only one tuft of bristles, spinning in a circle. Single-beam electric toothbrush is not considered by dentists as the primary means of oral hygiene. It is used only as an additional tool.

Elektroschёtki are on conventional batteries andbatteries. There are also brushes that receive power directly from the network, but it is not very convenient, as it limits the freedom of movement, and not everyone has a socket in the bathroom. Elektroschёtka should not be hard. Optimum weight - 100-200 g.

Most modern elektroschёtki have three speed, but the average consumer is quite enough and two. When choosing a brush, be sure to ask the seller what the motion
of it makes. The one that makes a reciprocating action, do not take, but one that reciprocates circular steps - safely put in the cart. And do not forget that elektroschёtku should be changed as often as every three months (or nozzle).