How to become more energetic?

If you constantly feel tired, even small changes in your diet and hectic lifestyle can make a difference for the better.

How to become more energetic?

There is no need to follow all the advice at the same time, it can be boring and tedious. Try all the methods and select the most appropriate in your case. So, let's begin.

1. Change your socks (stockings) during the day. You can not imagine how fresh you feel yourself. Particularly relevant this advice for people who during the day a lot of walking on foot.

2. One, you liked the song. If you listen to this song at full power, to dance or sing to her, in other words, to break away, you have no idea how you cheer.

3. Get rid of nasal congestion.

4. Get familiar with its internal clock.

5. Exercise. Even a 10-minute walk will increase your energy levels and lift your spirits.

You should know that during your activitythe body falls in the middle of the morning and early evening, it is natural to want to take a nap in the middle of the day. Try to take this into account when performing important tasks and the timing of when to go to bed.

6. Eat a piece of chocolate.

7. A little snack in the afternoon.

Thus products should contain more protein and fiber and a minimum of sugar, for example:

- Nut mixture;

- Low-fat yogurt;

- A mixture of nuts and dried fruits;

- Batonchik muesli.

8. Arrange a coffee or tea break and a bit of a chat with colleagues or read something fun on the internet.

9. Eat lots of berries. They contain powerful antioxidants that energizes you.

10. Wear a bright things.

11. A little nap. Some people sleep day for 10 minutes - hour. It restores their energy and give strength to continue. If this is about you (by the way, it's about me), do not deny yourself in this short but useful sleep.

12. A bit of flirting with.

13. Talk to friends. If you feel bad, call or meet up with a friend. Just do not complain about their problems and just chat. So you will be distracted and may solve your problem.

14. Light a scented stick.

15. Get up and go every day at the same time, including weekends.

16. Do not use food as a mood lifting tool. When you feel bad, you want something to eat and get away. And in fact, those extra calories will only make you a disservice.

17. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration causes fatigue.

18. Properly use caffeine. Drinking coffee on a regular basis and are not very many.

19. Avoid energy drinks. Flash hyperactivity leads to the outbreak of inactivity after the action of the beverage takes place.

20. Do not eat a lot of sweets. Are meant products containing a simple sugar (candy, sugar, flour, potato). Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, fish, in general, those foods, nutrients and glucose from digested more slowly and which comes into your body gradually, without causing a decline in activity.

21. Eat foods rich in fiber. This fruit, vegetables, whole grain breads, beans, oatmeal, etc.

22. Consume a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

23. Citrus aromatherapy.

In addition, the citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, their smell charges us with energy, so keep in his left deodorants, soap or shower gel with the scent of lemon, orange and grapefruit.