How not to grow stout during pregnancy

How not to grow stout during pregnancy

Modern women always want to look your best100% - even while carrying a child. But friends and relatives frighten weight gain, because during pregnancy, "need to have for yourself and for your baby." But is it true that all spoil a figure and a set of huge number of kilograms inevitable? What to do to get better and not very quickly get in shape? The solution offers

The dynamics of weight gain

In fact, the weight is added all future mothers- It is a natural process. However, most of the weight is made up of uterine weight, forming the placenta and amniotic fluid, and also due to gain in height and weight of the baby.

A small percentage of weight occurs due to swelling of tissues, and a little mom stores as fat on breastfeeding - it's inherent nature and is provided by the action of estrogen.

Such weight gain will provide health and not muchIt affects the mother's figure during and after pregnancy. But a set of extra kilos in pregnancy - is a problem in health at birth, as well as psychological discomfort and the reason for the extra experience for a woman. Therefore it is necessary to know what the boundaries of permissible norms in weight gain.

How many will make weight gain

Weight gain depends on the body typewoman and her original weight before pregnancy - if the girl was skinny model with adynamic body type, its nature, first bring to a normal weight, and then add the extra kilos on the baby and its development. That is, on average, the women are added between 15 and 17 kilograms.

If the expectant mother - a woman of average build, weight gain is normal in the range of 10 to 13 kilograms. To initially obese women need to slide the bar up to 7-9 kilograms.

Wherein the weight gain during pregnancy areheterogeneously - in the first half of pregnancy weight can be stable, and in the early weeks even decrease due to toxicity. As the stomach starts growing and a set of body weight - a maximum of his weight you gain by around 35-36 weeks of pregnancy in preparation for birth weight slightly reduced.

Many women think that by limitingbaby food will not be large, and it will be easier to bear. However, the weight of the child program and its growth is dependent on genetics and the sex. If you're hungry, the baby will missing him food from your body, and you will suffer during and after delivery. In addition, nutritional deficiencies may weaken your immunity and immunity of the child, complications during childbirth and after.

Why weight can be more?

There are a number of reasons, not related to diet andovereating, which cause a sharp increase in weight - are difficult to influence, typically age-related changes with age becomes more thrifty body. Other reasons could be the bearing of twins or large fetus, an excess of amniotic fluid and accumulation of edema fluid.

Excessive weight gain requires a doctor's advice, because sometimes it is a sign of serious diseases such as Rh incompatibility and the beginning of preeclampsia.

How not to gain more than you need?

No latest techniques in the fight against obesityPregnancy can not be used, are permissible only safe for the fetus and the mother's techniques. Banned diet, especially if it is severe or vegetarian diets and starvation. These methods do not reduce weight, your baby may be suspended due to nutritional deficiency.

For pregnant showing reasonable meals and associated load it - is a special fitness for pregnant women, yoga, or just a set of exercises.

It is important to consume enough calories and not to liehome on the couch. Pregnancy - is not a disease, and it is possible to conduct an active way of life - work, travel and engage in physical activity. All of this will enable you to spend more calories, and then the excess fat will not linger in the body.

The issue of physical exercise, discuss with yourdoctor if he would not mind, sign up for swimming, water aerobics or gymnastics. It is better to conduct classes with a trainer, he will not overdo it and use all the muscles. Also, there are special groups of fitness for pregnant women - they are usually few in number, that allows coaches to pay more attention to each expectant mother.

In addition to the incoming energy costs, it is necessary to balance its revenues and, having brought under the principles of good nutrition. Pregnancy - et
no reason to overeat, eat at night, and at night, abuse salty and sweet, even if you really want.

The food is better there fractional portions and often - on average about six times a day. This, incidentally, will help to cope with heartburn and constipation. Calorie daily diet should not exceed 2300-2500 calories.

If you have sharply to add, and it is notpainful reasons - perhaps you are a little move, and in the diet have a lot of carbohydrates. To reduce the possible increases of practicing fasting days - this is useful and tiring, unlike diets.

Fasting days with special pregnancy - theyThey differ somewhat from those in the normal diet, less stringent and do not last more than one day. Usually they spend no more than 2 times per week in consultation with the doctor.

The main products of unloading should be considered for pregnant vegetables or fruits, dairy products with low fat - yogurt, yogurt or other dairy food fat content not exceeding 2.5%.

Evaluation of your menu

What exactly you need to do, so it is critical to check your menu with a tendency to weight gain.

The first to fall under the prohibition of "fast carbs": cakes and sweets, be careful with white bread and biscuits, limit the use of salty and fat.

If you add on greatly, especially in the summer,go to the vegetable and fruit dishes - they are perfectly saturated and calories in them a little. Just do not forget to supplement them boiled, stewed or baked meat and fish. Add in the diet of whole grain bread and cereals. Well saturate the dairy products - cheese and eat cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt and milk drink.

Replace the last intake of dairy products food. But do not give up breakfast - it sets up the metabolism and gives you strength and energy for the growth of the baby.

In general, in the absence of a healthy diet andhealth problems are rarely a problem of excess weight. Typically, excess fat is accumulated while sitting at the computer, lying in front of TV and eating biscuits - have active pregnant no weight problem.