The hands - is the calling card of every woman

No matter how well you did not look, but if you do not paysufficient attention to hands, they are able to give the most hidden secrets of a woman who is hiding in the pages of her passport. Hands are not able to lie, even, on the contrary, they can be used to read not only the age, but also how much you have to work.

The hands - is the calling card of every woman

The hands - is the calling card of every woman thatIt requires careful, daily care and attention. For some reason, many of the concepts in the care invested arms only cleansing, moisturizing hand, strengthening nails and manicure. But what about the massages, masks, gymnastics and protection, in the end? How many women in domestic work wears gloves, especially when cooking? But many substances, even outside of the natural products, can adversely affect the skin, not to mention the most dangerous enemies of our hands - household products.

If we do not fit even the most subtlegloves for everyday work around the house, do not forget, at least, of the existence of protective creams. From time to time indulge handle special baths, and when taking a bath, do a thorough exfoliation. With scrubs sloughed off dead cells, preventing the penetration of active substances, which should fall into the skin with creams or oils superimposed masks. Masks stimulate recovery processes and increase the protective properties of the skin of hands.

The hands - is the calling card of every woman

On the hand of every woman should be andmoisturizing and nourishing and protective hand cream. They certainly can not replace each other, and only supplement. Applying cream by using stroking massage, and this massage is to use the whole arm - from wrist and shoulder joint before. You may need it and not visible, but believe me, dry scaly skin on the elbow does not look very attractive, especially if your dress exposes the whole hand. Also stroking use tingling, tapping, knead not only the joints of the fingers, but the whole hand.

At this stage of the care for hands as gymnastics atmany women quite well, I do not have the time or desire .... Exercises for the hands, there are many, in addition to the aid can come carpal simulators, expanders. If your fingers are always bang on the keyboard or get tired from writing, he settled at his desk powerball, only a few minutes of training with him will not only help relieve the stress and fatigue of the hands, but also distract from repetitive work. Every woman wants the muscles of her body did not lose their tone and retains its elasticity. Energyball simulator will help maintain the physical form of your hands, and not only. Gymnastics Hand to optimize your performance and support in the form of lean muscle mass.

Hands tend to age faster, so the care they require, respectively. Take care of your hands!