Hair care

Vitelline hair mask: an inexpensive and effective means to improve your tresses

Yolk - the accumulation of nutrients in the centeregg protein inside. It is a thick, mucous-yellow liquid mass - very useful as food for the human body. However, this is not its only feature: in cosmetology yolk is used in the composition of moisturizing mask for dry, istonchёnnyh, often painted, faded hair. Feeding them from root to tip, this unique product improves the appearance of curls, and contributes to their overall improvement. Cheap, simple to prepare, incredibly effective, yolk mask hair will appeal to all those who are tired of wasting money on store funds that does not always work.


  • 1 On the beneficial properties of the yolk
  • 2 About masks preparation rules
  • 3 About yolk recipes masks

The beneficial properties of yolk

Yolk - a high concentration of mineralsubstances, each of which acts on its own on the scalp, the hair root and follicles rods. With proper and regular use of masks with egg yolk, due to the rich chemical composition of this product, take care of the locks at least qualitatively, than the most expensive brand-name cosmetics.

  • vitamin A (Retinol) has regenerative properties, repairing split ends and brittle strands;
  • vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), smoothes the structure, putting the scales of the hair close to each other;
  • vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) activates cells in the production of collagen and elastin to help the curls become so elastic;
  • vitamin H (Biotin) - a promoter of carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the cells, which determines the power of the roots and the appearance of hair;
  • cobalt gives curls shine and rich color;
  • choline It has a calming effect, so the yolk mask eliminates the unpleasant sensation of itch for dandruff;
  • iron It promotes better blood circulation, which activates hair growth and strengthens them, preventing the loss;
  • potassium - That the mineral substance that tells the yolk its moisturizing properties.

The most valuable yolk containing homemade eggs,hens that hatch on some rustic courtyard. Find these difficult today, but still really knowing how they bloom after the most damaged and diseased strands. With regard to the foods stores, the supermarket eggs often do not have such a wealth of chemical composition, such as home. Accordingly, and their impact on processes in the cells are not as intense, but the result - not as great as we would like. masks effectiveness will depend more and how they are properly prepared

About masks preparation rules

Homemade masks for hair on the basis of yolkpreparing for stereotyped, almost no different from the rest of the funds for the care of the curls. The only thing that requires attention and specific skills - is the separation of the yolk from the protein mass. However, some training will quickly cope even with this task. Tips from the experts should not be ignored, as their compliance - a guarantee of success of the mask.

  1. Yolk - an excellent remedy for dry,damaged, brittle hair istonchёnnymi. If you want to use a mask out of it for greasy strands, can not do without skim milk and lemon.
  2. In order to separate the yolk from the protein need funnel, which is broken egg. Through Hole protein mass stechёt down and yolk - remain.
  3. Apply the mask on the dirty, dry strands, rubbed into the roots and distributed throughout the length of hair.
  4. Top head polyethylene or need to wrap with cellophane and a towel.
  5. Duration - from half an hour to an hour.
  6. Many complain of the difficulty of hair rinseafter yolk masks. The secret is simple: it is impossible to wash off yolks with hot water, as it will roll. Warm, cool to room temperature as possible. Shampoo is not required if the mask does not include oil.
  7. Masks of the yolk can be done in 1-2 days.
  8. it is recommended to change to any other mask after 10 procedures.

Properly cooked yolk maskHair - is salvation for those who have already said goodbye to the dream to have a long, thick, beautiful, shiny hair, pleasing to the eye. Not for nothing is this product to wash his head in the old, old days, when a shampoo was not the question. Yolk and he acted as a detergent, and caretaker means. Today, despite the presence of a plurality of hair cosmetics, natural and wholesome yolk has not lost its relevance. Recipes masks with him a lot, so that the difficulties in choosing not arise.

About yolk recipes masks

Adding mask yolk addition, othercomponents, they can be enhanced or the other property. For example, mustard accelerates the growth of hair, burdock oil strengthens them, honey - nourishes and makes it shiny lemon. So the choice of ingredients will depend on the condition of your tresses.

  • Firming

Yolks (2 pcs.) To shake up with one of the oil (2 tablespoons lodges..) - Castor, olive, burdock, sunflower.

  • Nutritious

Yolks (2 pcs.) Whip the liquid honey (2 tbsp. Of boxes.).

  • For hair growth

Yolks (2 pcs.) Beat with cognac (2 tbsp. Of boxes.), Add castor oil (1 tbsp. Of boxes.).

  • Moisturizing

Yolks (2 pcs.) Beat with fat yogurt (not less than 200 ml).

  • For hair growth

Yolks (2 pcs.) Whip powder dissolved in water, mustard (1 tsp. Of boxes.), Add virgin olive oil (2 tbsp. Of boxes.). Mask exclusively rubbed into the hair roots, without touching the tips and not applied to the strands themselves.

  • Safety

gelatin powder (1 tbsp. of boxes.), with dilution in water (3 tbsp. of boxes.), beaten with egg yolks (2 pcs.), add shampoo with herbs (4 tbsp. of boxes.), applied to the hair after half an hour after cooking.

  • Firming

yeast powder (1 tbsp. of boxes.) diluted with water to the desired consistency, whisk egg yolks with (2 pcs.).

Using egg yolk to your hair beauty,you can achieve incredible results with a minimum of wasted time and money. With regular use of this natural means do not have to frequently wash your hair and the curls will become thick, voluminous, soft and silky. If your dry strands istonchёnnym necessary hydration, these masks will save the position and fix the problem situation.