Hair care

Ylang-ylang: a pledge of beauty and health of hair

Extraordinary beauty flower growing inIndonesia is in places a symbol of purity, freshness and happiness. Without it does not do any one tropical wedding. Local people petals grinds and squeezes out of them scented drops of oil that smeared hair. In the civilized world from this plant produces industrial process air is used extensively in cosmetics. Having a floral scent, which is useful, firming and anti-aging, can be called the essential oil ylang-ylang hair very efficient and effective drug that eliminates the plurality of adversity. One of its variants kanangovoe is oil, but it has a lower grade.


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Oil Secrets ylang ylang

Dandruff, alopecia (hair loss intensiveuntil baldness), split ends - when such diseases have to go to trichologist, drinking prescription drugs and multivitamin complexes. For it is always spent a lot of time and money. If it is not so started on the initial stages can be avoided therapeutic course, discovering the essential oil ylang-ylang. Its chemical composition is a storehouse of substances that activate the metabolism in subcutaneous cells, prompting the most neglected curls back to life.

  • monoterpenes are inherently alcohols which possessdisinfectant, anti-inflammatory, tonic properties. Thanks to them, ylang-ylang is considered an effective remedy for dandruff.
  • esters improve the appearance of strands: give them a natural shine, beautiful shine, intense color and rich tone, even when staining, making them well-groomed and beautiful.
  • Phenols improve blood circulation, thus ensuring trouble-free access of oxygen and nutrients to the root of the follicle. It prevents hair loss, making them strong and thick.
  • organic acids (Formic acid, valeric, acetic, benzoic)increase strands resistance to external aggressive factors:. UV ruthless, bitter cold, withering action of salty sea water, etc. - in a word, strengthen the immune system.

Working in combination, these substances canstop the disease developing in the first place. Notice the first strands fell to the comb, white flakes of dandruff on their shoulders, exfoliating tips - purchase a bottle of miracle ether ylang-ylang and start hair treatment immediately. Only timely action and regular procedures with his participation will avoid pathological conditions - baldness, seborrhea running form, fragility and visited throughout the length of the strands. Aromatherapy hair - not a difficult thing if you know the tricks and be able to apply them in practice.

Instructions for use

Domestic use of ylang-ylang oil ascosmetic and a drug for hair does not require time-consuming, but will need to act with knowledge of the matter. Tricks will allow you to get from this magical ether the maximum benefit for the beauty of their tresses.

  1. First you need to make the right choice. As a result, industrial production oil passes through several stages of distillation, purification, and processing technology. The output is a few varieties that are sold to different notes. To put in order the hair, looking for Extra (Bourbon) and I sort of (Prime Minister), as the following on different oil numbering not as effective as these.
  2. Ylang-ylang can not be used in their pure form because the concentration of active ingredients in it. So be sure to combine it with other softening ingredients.
  3. No need to add the air in the storeproducts for hair care products (air conditioners, masks, shampoos), as many advise. It is not known how to connect their chemical formulas and what the result will give the output. The procedure may result in side effects, get rid of that would be very difficult.
  4. If the mask or shampoo made your own natural resources and products, the addition of ylang oil ilangovogo only strengthen their effectiveness.
  5. Exotic is always fraught with the possibility ofallergic reactions: no exception and the ether. So before you treat the hair in such a tool, be sure to give it a try: in a diluted form smear it on the delicate skin near the ear lobe or treat individual thin strand. After 15 minutes, rinse and observe the reaction. If the itching and redness will not, you can safely use the oil as directed.
  6. Masks with ylang-ylang are distributed throughout the length of the dirty, humid strands are rubbed into the scalp, applied to the hair ends.
  7. Thermal insulation in the form of plastic caps and towels necessary.
  8. Ether has a strong flavor, so to keep the mask on the head with it can be no more than half an hour: otherwise can make your head spin.
  9. To mask the process of flushing passed easily,shampoo is recommended to apply directly to the mask, without wetting the hair with water. You can barely moisten the palms. After foaming jet of water will wash away quickly with the tool head. Water can be replaced by herbal decoction or lemon solution.
  10. If the purpose of treatment - treatment of dandruff, alopecia, damage, it is possible to use ylang-ylang twice weekly. If the purpose of the mask - the usual hair care, once a week will be enough.
  11. After a couple of months, your hair will need to take a break from the powerful air for about two months.

Subject to these recommendations, the use of ylang-ylang oil in the hair mask homemade prove effective and justify the time and money that have been spent on it.


The advantage of essential oil of ylang-ylang is that it is universal and ideal for hair care products of any type, so in choosing a recipe that a lot, there are no restrictions.

  • massage tool

One tablespoon of ylang-ylang is mixed with three tablespoons of burdock oil. Rub into the scalp, not distributed over the length of the hair.

  • Aromaraschesyvanie

A few drops (2-3) to put on a wooden comb and comb locks for 5-6 minutes daily.

  • conditioner

5 drops of ylang-ilangovogo oil mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice, diluted with 1 liter of water. Rinse the hair after washing with a solution.

  • Moisturizing mask

Mix 100 grams of avocado puree, add 3 drops of chamomile oil and ylang-ylang.

  • Mask for oily hair

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice, egg white and 2-3 drops of ylang-ilangovogo oil.

With regular use of one of the above means with oil of ylang-ylang helps to avoid further serious problems with the hair and not to resort to using drugs.