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Yeast mask: useful tips for hair care

Yeast - unicellular fungi, which inFor millennia, man used as "home of organisms." In ancient times, when the shampoo and there was no trace, and the hair had to somehow look, women have adapted to use for this yeast. Their restorative effect has a beneficial effect on the condition of the scalp, which depends on the appearance of curls. Especial popular yeast hair mask, which strengthens, dried, tone, protect and perfectly take care of the most weakened, damaged and diseased strands. It is necessary to take advantage of these wonderful recipes to permanently forget about this trouble.


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The use of yeast for hair

Many people are so fond of yeast hair masks,because after the first of their application can enjoy the results: locks are thick and voluminous, softer and obedient, stopped falling and begin to rise rapidly. Their regular use will give them an extra shine and a natural glow, as if the salon after the lamination procedure, and split ends can be trimmed is not so often, because they will be much less. Such miracles are explained fully research: the chemical composition of yeast known to all of us. As a fungal organism, this product is very active at the cellular level, and this is good for the health of hair:

  • B vitamins (Riboflavin, thiamin, pantothenic acid) increase the circulation and stimulates the metabolism, refreshes and tones;
  • folic acid enhances protection from negative influences;
  • amino acids make strands strong, strong, resilient,allowing the use of yeast as one of the most effective drugs against hair loss, and also have properties dries, help oily strands;
  • tocopherol doing curls shiny;
  • niacin According yeast masks ability to activate hair growth;
  • biotin It helps cells to retain moisture within itself, than prevents desiccation and dehydration strands that often leads to breakage and cross-sections;
  • minerals, Which many in yeast, nourish the hair all necessary that the positive impact on their health and beauty.

Under such a complex, powerful actiondandruff, hair loss, thinning and other hair and scalp damage. So that women can use it effectively, not only in the culinary field for raising dough. It's time to take advantage of its unique cosmetic properties. Homemade hair mask from yeast prepared easily, and are quickly and accurately. It will be difficult for the first time during the development of appropriate recommendations. All of the following procedures must pass the "excellent" and please their efficiency.

helpful hints

In order not to hurt their own hair maskyeast should be prepared taking into account the useful recommendations from the experts who are a good judge. You may also want to explore the pre-reviews about this home remedy to ensure that it will be useful to you. A kind of instructions for use of yeast as a cosmetic for hair care will help to learn the beauty of science.

  1. For a home beauty salon will suit different yeast in any form - pellets and powder, brewer and baker.
  2. 2 tsp. l. yeast diluted in 1 tbsp. l. lukewarm water and left to ferment for one hour. The water is replaced by any other liquid that will be specified in the recipe.
  3. To the mixture has a uniform consistency, weight thoroughly kneaded.
  4. Held test for allergies: smeared with a mixture of a small area of ​​skin behind the ear. The absence of discomfort after a couple of hours after rinsing - masks a guarantee of security for the scalp and the hair itself.
  5. In the yeast mixture washed strands lie easierthan dirty. Therefore, before the procedure to repair a damaged curls recommended to wash your hair. Drying them to the end is not necessarily better to leave them slightly damp.
  6. Cooked means can be applied to the skin,rub into the roots, wet strands of the entire length of the ends themselves. To avoid lumps, for uniform distribution of the mask on the hair is recommended to use a wooden comb infrequent.
  7. The greenhouse effect is due to the plastic caps and turbans of towels creates optimal conditions for the accelerated flow of reducing, anti-aging and other processes at the cellular level.
  8. Perederzhivat yeast mask color to anything, so after half an hour after application, you can already head to rinse.
  9. Do it better with warm water, acidified with lemon juice. In rare cases (if the mask were in oil composition) is required at this stage shampoo.
  10. Maximum results can be achieved in 2 months using yeast mask once a week.

Indications for use as a yeastcosmetic products for hair care - damaged hair, staying in growth and falling regularly. Yeast masks are universal in this respect: they moisturize dry hair, oily - eliminate the greasy shine, normal - just feed. Each of their action can be increased at the expense of additional ingredients.

Recipes yeast masks for hair

Recipes miracle masks for hair on the basis of yeast enough. The choice is there, but the main thing - do not make a mistake with it and find a tool that can adequately care for locks.

  • Kefir + yeast

2 tsp. l. yeast diluted in 1 tbsp. l. average fat yogurt.

  • Yeast + honey

2 tsp. l. yeast diluted in 1 tbsp. l. water, mixed with 1 tbsp. l. liquid (preferably fresh, natural) honey and 1 egg.

  • Yolk + yeast

2 tsp. l. yeast diluted in 1 tbsp. l. water, mixed with 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp. l. warm burdock oil.

  • Yeast + mustard

2 tsp. l. yeast diluted in 1 tbsp. l. water, mixed with 1 tbsp. l. liquid (preferably fresh, natural) honey. Add 1 tsp. l. dry mustard powder and sugar.

No wonder yeast mask for hair from time immemorialare in great demand among the women. They allow you to solve many problems with the scalp and improve the condition of the most lackluster strands in the shortest time.